18 Festive Bulletin Board Ideas for December

Make December a month to remember.

December bulletin board ideas including marshmallow math and bright wishes for the holidays.

December brings cold weather, joyful holidays, and warm, cozy feelings. Celebrate these good tidings these creative December bulletin board ideas that your students will love. Showcase a cute snowman, yummy hot cocoa, or even some gingerbread men this December to really show off some holiday spirit. Ready to get started? Check out this list of 18 of our favorite December bulletin board ideas.

1. It’s Cool To Be Kind

Board of snowmen and words "cool to be kind"- december bulletin boards

What’s cooler than a snowman? Being kind of course! Students help create this interactive bulletin board by writing ways to be kind around the school on the snowman’s buttons.

Source: The Corner on Character

2. Loco for Cocoa Writing Prompt

"Loco for cocoa" bulletin board

Create a writing assignment asking students to describe what warms them up on a cold winter’s day. Use the writing pieces to display a Loco for Hot Cocoa bulletin board!

Source: Ms. Robyn Sauer

3. Bright Wishes


Bright wishes for the holidays

Liven up your classroom with a Bright Wishes bulletin board! Students will love wishing their classmates and teachers happy holidays.

Source: OA-BCIG Middle School Music

4. Don’t Get Snowed Under Homework

"Don't get snowed under" bulletin board- december bulletin boards

The holidays are a lot of fun, but they can also be distracting. Create this snowy scene to encourage kids not to let unfinished assignments pile up during the winter season.

Source: McNary Elementary School District

5. Oh Deer, Winter Is Here

Oh deer, winter is here!

Cut out these a-deer-able reindeer using students’ handprints. A fun art project and cute display all in one!

Source: The Learning Tree of East Elgin Facebook

6. Beary Good Board

Winter bear- december bulletin boards

Good books, cute bears, and puns, oh my! Students can create these bears using painted paper plates and construction paper.

Source: Lauren O’Connors Twitter

7. Gingerbread People

Welcome gingerbread men

December means it’s cookie time! Each student can decorate their own gingerbread person using various crafting materials and showcase them on this colorful bulletin board.

Source: Rainbows Within Reach

8. Unique Snowflakes

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Each snowflake is unique, just like the students in your classroom. Add in their school pictures to the center of each snowflake to celebrate your students!

Source: Continually Learning

9. School Is Snow Much Fun

Preschool is snow much fun!- december bulletin boards

This board is a peng-win! Each penguin’s colorful hat features a student’s name—so personalized and cute!

Source: Terrific Preschool Years

10. Snow Globe Writing Prompts

Snowglobe bulletin board

What would your students do if they lived in a snow globe? These adorable writing prompts ask about life in a snow globe and feature a photo of each student playing in the “snow.”

Source: All About 3rd Grade

11. Gingerbread House

Gingerbread cone bulletin board

Craft a delicious gingerbread house and add in your kids as the gingerbread people. Don’t forget to decorate the house with sweet treats!

Source: Allison Winningham on Pinterest

12. Mittens and Good Books

"Get your mitts on a good book"- december bulletin boards

There’s nothing better than cozying up with a good book! Add mittens with some kid-approved book characters nestled in and you have a perfect December bulletin board idea.

Source: Gabriella Lopez-Rogina on Pinterest

13. Showcasing Every Holiday

Bulletin board with globe and string lights

December can be a good opportunity to teach about the different holidays that occur during the month. This bulletin board showcases four different holidays surrounding Earth.

Source: Nallely Perez on Pinterest

14. “Ugly” Sweaters

Bulletin board with mini sweaters on it

Another interactive bulletin board, this one allows students to create their very own ugly sweaters. The end result is anything but ugly!

Source: Preschool Crafts

15. Learning Is a Gift

"Learning is a gift" bulletin board- december bulletin boards

Display each school subject as a wrapped present! Use different colors for the boxes and bows to really make it stand out.

Source: Trinity Middle School Facebook

16. Read by the Fireplace

Bulletin board with a chimney

Promote some good reading habits for the winter months with this detailed fireplace bulletin board. It is giving us all the warm and cozy feelings!

Source: Bulletin Board Pro

17. Overcome Winter Blues

"Lets beat the winter blues!"- december bulletin boards

It is so important to do a mental health check with your kids, especially during the winter months. This board features tips on how to be the best and brightest during those winter months.

Source: Rise Over Run

18. Marshmallow Math

Bulletin board with hot chocolate pictures

Students will love this hot cocoa–inspired board that makes math fun! Glue on mini-marshmallows and have students solve the word problems to complete this December bulletin board idea.

Source: Kindergarten Korner

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Make December a month to remember with these 18 festive December bulletin board ideas to get your students into the holiday spirit.