12 Super Creative Curriculum Review Games and Ideas

Learn, review, repeat.

12 Creative Curriculum Review Ideas Your Students Will Love

Tired of flash cards and printed study packets? Us too! That’s why we love these 12 creative curriculum review ideas.

1. Use a charcoal mask for a peel-and-reveal review.

Your students will be asking for this one again and again. All you have to do is laminate your material (or put it in a plastic pocket). Then you use a brush to paint on a black charcoal mask. You don’t need a fancy mask; just about any will work. After it dries for 5–10 minutes, it’s ready. Challenge students to come up with the answer first and then peel to reveal the answer. We tested this out with word problems, but you can use it for just about anything. It’s really fun and slightly addictive.

2. Play a little trashketball.

Source: Mrs. E Teaches Math

Trashketball has been around for a while, and we love how Karrie with Mrs. E Teaches Math uses it. Check out her full instructions for how to play here. You can use this with your math class or any other subject.


3. Try our game boards for fun Q&A.


Put a competitive challenge on your review with our free printable game boards. Have your students pair up and then roll the dice. They have to answer questions along the way. You can either write the questions ahead of time or have them do this for added review.

4. Find the right key to unlock the answer.

Our unlock-and-learn game uses locks and keys to challenge students’ understanding. You can check it out right here or get the basics from the above video. All you need is matching answers to make this game work for any age level.

5. Come on down for classroom Plinko!

Golf tees and a peg board are the main supplies needed to make this classroom Plinko board. You can also use it for classroom rewards. Students will love dropping the ball, and then you can ask them a question based on color-coded categories. Get the full instructions here.

6. It’s Skee-Ball review!

Source: Love, Life, Celebrate

You have to see how they made it for yourself, but know that it’s really simple. Get the full instructions here. Now we know you’re thinking this could quickly get out of hand in a room full of third graders, and we hear you! But maybe bring it out for a reward or special occasion. The trick here is getting students to go one at a time.

7. Try Kaboom!

Source: The Star Spangled Planner

Have you heard of Kaboom? It seems like once teachers learn about this game, their students never stop wanting to play it. There are many ways to play, and blogger The Star Spangled Planner sums it up nicely. Check out her pro tips here.

8. Is it true or false?

Source: Stephanie’s History Store

This is a really simple game that doesn’t require a lot of materials in order to play. This history teacher writes about it on her blog, Stephanie’s History Store. She uses it for history review, but you can use it for any subject you want.

9. Roll and review.

Source: Nurturing Learning

This is a simple idea from Nurturing Learning where you use soft-sided dice for curriculum review. The plastic pockets make it easy to slip in different categories or questions. You’ll be able to easily make it work for your specific needs.

10. Go digital.

Source: The Learning Effect

Kahoot and Quizlet are a couple of our favorite online quiz websites, which this teacher writes about on her blog. Check out the others and learn how to create your own interactive quiz to test your students’ understanding.

11. I’ll take Artists for $600.

Source: The Art of Education

Thank you to the brilliant art teacher Alecia for this creative idea for review. You can definitely use it across curriculum areas. Just write the questions, and you’ll be all set.

12. Try a little punch and learn.

Source: Composition Classroom

You can put anything you want in these punch-and-learn cups. To make them, you just need cups and tissue paper.

We’d love to hear—what are your favorite curriculum review ideas? Come and share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

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12 Super Creative Curriculum Review Games and Ideas