5 Printable Game Boards to Turn Curriculum Review into Fun

Just roll the dice and answer the question.

Free Printable Game Boards

One of the easiest ways to get your students excited about curriculum review is to turn it into a game. With these printable game boards, you can make any subject fun. 

These printable game boards are simple, with a start and finish on each one. Students can play in pairs or in small groups, using game pieces and question cards you make. You can use the game boards as they are. Or make up your own rules based on the colors on the board or by adding notes to the board itself. 

We have several themes available for download, including reading, science, math, history, and fairy tale. Just submit your email to download. 

Practice math facts. 

Printable Game Board Math

Grab your flashcards and turn them into questions. Each time a student lands on a square, they draw a card. 

Review science concepts. 

Printable Game Board Science

Write your review questions on the board. Then assign each square a number that corresponds with a question. Using dice is optional, but the idea is that students move through the board to tackle all the questions. 

Learn about history. 


Printable Game Board History

Place questions face down like a game of Go Fish. Then as students make their way through the board, they can draw a card and answer the question. 

Check reading comprehension. 

Printable Game Board Reading

Color code each square to correspond with comprehension questions. For example, blue is character questions, black is setting, etc. Each time students land on a color, they have to answer the corresponding question. (You can put the questions on index cards.) 

Plan for fun with a fairy-tale theme. 

Printable Game Board Fairytale

This game board has a fairy-tale theme, and you can use it for anything! We recommend adding instructions directly onto this game board, like “skip ahead two spaces” or “go back to the start.” It’ll make it fun and keep them guessing. 

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