You’ll Love These Free Cross-Curricular Coding Lessons for Your Classroom

Get kids thinking outside the box about core subjects at school.

Elementary student using coding and robotics across core subjects

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Coding is the new literacy! Wonder Workshop has a huge library of cross-curricular lessons and activities that help make teaching your students across core subjects easier (and fun)! Find out more>>


We’ve all likely thought that technology is the only subject that includes coding. But core subjects like history, science, math, and language arts can all come alive through the power of cross-curricular coding and robotics, too.

That’s why we think you’ll love this opportunity to explore four, free coding lessons from our friends at Wonder Workshop

These coding lessons are great because:

  • Beginners are welcome (both teachers and students)! Lessons are truly teachable so there’s no coding experience required.
  • No subject is out-of-reach for coders. Space exploration? Historical biographies? Haiku writing? These four freebies give you a way to make learning concrete!
  • Robotics and coding challenges offer team-building opportunities. 
  • Students learn that mistakes are another way to gain new insights, which helps them embrace a growth mindset and see the power of perseverance.

Each one of the Wonder Workshop’s cross-curricular coding lessons comes with step-by-step instructions, followed by a hands-on approach with digital components that brings lessons to life! For example, in the Biography Timeline lesson, students work individually or in small research groups to create a timeline of a person’s life. Students can program their robot to travel along the timeline and state facts related to that person’s life.

young students using coding and robotics

It’s time to spark your students’ creativity and self-confidence in subjects across the spectrum. With these cross-curricular coding lessons, you and your students will develop lifelong skills and have a ton of fun creating new adventures. There are so many possibilities. What will your team of coders think of next? Click the orange button below to get your free lessons.

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