25 Best Cooperative Board Games To Encourage Teamwork

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Regardless of whether you’re 5 or 50, everyone loves playing a board game. While traditional board games can get very competitive, cooperative board games get everyone working together instead of against one another. Some of the best cooperative board games even allow you to control the difficulty depending on who’s playing. We especially love that many of these games offer a totally different experience each time you play based on which decisions you make as a team.

Cooperative Board Games for Young Kids

1. First Orchard

Best cooperative board games include this box that features an apple tree and a cartoon crow. Text reads First Orchard.

Since Haba has a great reputation, you know that this game is one of the best cooperative board games for little ones. Kids as young as 2 years old work together to roll the dice and then pick the matching fruit from the orchard before the raven has a chance to steal it!

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2. Gnomes at Night

Best cooperative board games include this box that says Gnomes at Night and shows two cartoon gnomes, one of whom is holding a lantern.

Kids will improve their communication and quick-thinking skills while moving their magnetic gnomes around the maze as quickly as possible. This game will hold even young kids’ attention since it can be played relatively quickly.

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3. Stone Soup

Several cartoon kids are shown around a cauldron of soup and text reads Stone Soup in this example of best cooperative board games.

The best cooperative board games for kids feature fun concepts that get everyone working together toward a win. Kids work on their matching and memory skills while “cooking” up some delicious soup with this board game.

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4. Feelings Adventure

best cooperative board games include this one which shows a box that says Feelings Adventure and a rainbow and baby cartoon animals.

Kids work on their social and emotional skills while helping Bigfoot, Unicorn, Yak, and Fox find and gather the feelings at the Feelings Tree in Slumberkins Land.

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5. Space Escape

best cooperative board games for kids include this box that is dark blue with stars and has text that reads Space Escape

Kids will work on their communication and shared decision-making as they race to collect the Mole Rats’ equipment while dodging the snakes. Once they reach the escape pod, the game is over and the fun starts again!

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6. Ghost in the Attic

best board games for kids include Ghost in the Attic. A game box and board are shown. The game box is shaped like a haunted house.

The best cooperative board games have something that sets them apart from similar games. We can’t think of anything cooler than the glow-in-the-dark game board Ghost in the Attic features. Players work together (in the dark) to stop the ghost from escaping the manor and then haunting the whole neighborhood!

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7. Mermaid Island

A box said Mermaid Island in big pink letters and features three cartoon mermaids and a cartoon castle.

This game is oh-so adorable and is sure to capture the attention of the preschool-age crowd as they race to get their mermaids to Mermaid Island. They need to be quick, though, and get there before the sea witch comes! Fans of The Little Mermaid will love this game.

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8. Magical Encounters

the best cooperative board games for kids include this box that says Magical encounters and features a magic eight ball as well as several cartoon animals.

Kids work together to defeat the dragon while also collecting all of the crystals in this fun, action-packed game for up to four players. Parents and teachers will appreciate the nostalgia of putting one’s fate into the hands of the magic eight ball!

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9. Zombie Kidz

A rainbow colored box says Zombie Kidz and has cartoon kids on it.

Regardless of whether you are 7 or 70, everyone will have fun defeating zombies in this cooperative board game. We especially love that you can mark your progress with stickers and even unlock extra content.

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10. My First Treasure Hunt

the best cooperative board games include this one. A box says Treasure hunt and has cartoon children looking at a treasure chest.

The preschool-age crowd and up will have fun finding the buried treasure while beating the big storm that will wash the treasure away. They’ll also learn valuable skills like taking turns and following directions.

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11. Concept Kids Animals

A box shows several cartoon animals in the shape of a question mark in this example of best cooperative board games.

This version of Concept has been reinvented so kids can get in on the fun too! Players try to get others to guess their animal. With 110 animals to choose from, kids will be learning a lot of new things about the animal world.

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12. Dinosaur Escape Game

A box features several dinosaurs and large text that reads Dinosaur Escape GAme.

Kids and their friends will need to work together using memory and logic while they guide their dinosaurs away from a volcano that is about to blow.

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13. Lemonade Shake Up!

A cartoon on a box cover shows a park with a lemonade stand. Large yellow and orange letters say Lemonade shake up!

Kids love earning money with lemonade stands so they will definitely enjoy this adorable cooperative game. They need to work together to get the right ingredients and earn 12 quarters before serving 4 sour lemons.

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Cooperative Board Games for Older Kids

14. Paleo

A box has a wooly mammoth on it and says Paleo in big block letters.

This is the perfect cooperative board game for older kids or even adults since it requires strategy and quick thinking. Players travel together through the Stone Age as they try to complete their cave painting and secure a lasting legacy.

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15. Trekking the World

A game box says Trekking the World and shows landmarks from around the world like the Eifel Tower with three travelers.

This is one of the best cooperative board games on the market for people who love to travel or just have wanderlust in their hearts. Players work together while they travel the globe collecting souvenirs and memories and taking tours of important landmarks.

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16. Castle Panic

A castle is shown on a box along with knights with swords. Text reads Castle Panic.

This game is ideal for slightly older kids since it is a bit longer than some of the other games on this list. Work together with friends to defend your castle from a hoard of monsters. Kids also have the option of working together or fighting alone if all of their friends are busy.

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17. Ravine

best cooperative board games include this white box that says RAVINE in large black letters.

We think you can trust that this is among the best cooperative board games since it has nearly 2,000 4½-star reviews on Amazon. One of the biggest selling points of this game is that it is easy to learn the rules and therefore get to the fun quicker.

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18. The Lord of the Rings: Adventure to Mount Doom

A dark game box features characters from the Lord of the Rings.

Fans of the Lord of the Rings books and movies will love playing this cooperative board game. Players work together to help Frodo find his way across Middle-earth while he seeks to destroy the one ring.

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19. Horrified

Teal and orange monsters are on a dark gray box. Large white block letters say Horrified.

This game has such a unique theme. What could be cooler than working with your friends to defeat Greek monsters? Try it at your next family game night or with friends.

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20. Mysterium

A teal colored box features a ghostly figure and black letters that say Mysterium.

Who wouldn’t want to work with friends while acting as psychics to unravel a haunting mystery? This is the perfect game to play with friends, especially during spooky season.

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21. Diplomacy

Best cooperative board games include this box that says Diplomacy with three men dressed in old fashioned attire in an elegant living room.

In this game of international intrigue, players work together as one of the great European powers before World War I. Friends will have fun negotiating and creating alliances to expand their power throughout Europe!

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22. Fun Facts

A blue box has a stack of different colored boxes on the cover. It says Fun Facts in white.

This game would work well with old friends. It tests how well you know your besties through interesting and personal questions. Kids could also find out more about their classmates with this board game.

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23. Totem

A black box features a bird with a word bubble that says The feel good game. White text reads Totem in this example of best cooperative board games.

The best cooperative board games create a sense of camaraderie and this one certainly does that! At the center of this game is showing your appreciation for the people closest to you through cards you can play that feature a variety of strengths. This is the ultimate game for a school counselor or pediatric therapist.

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24. Venn

Three circles, one pink, one blue, and one yellow are interlocked with eachother on a black box. Large white letters say VENN.

This fun and cooperative game works by having players communicate clues by placing abstract images into overlapping circles. While it is great as a cooperative game, it can also be played in a competitive mode.

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25. The 7th Continent

A brown box has an outline of a map on it and says the 7th continent.

The best part of this cooperative board game is that players have a new adventure each time they play thanks to dozens of events and alternative maps. This game is best suited to teens and adults and can even be played solo.

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Cooperation is an invaluable skill and should be taught to kids of all ages. We've gathered the best cooperative board games to explore!