20 Interactive Coding Toys To Spark Creativity in Kids of All Ages

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If you know a budding computer programmer, data scientist, or web developer, then you’re probably interested in learning more about the latest coding toys for kids. In today’s world, coding allows us to communicate with smart devices such as cell phones, tablets, smart TVs, and, of course, video games. It may seem like preschool is too early for kids to learn the basics of coding, but it’s definitely not! Many coding toys have been designed to help kids of all ages learn programming while having fun.

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Coding Toys for Ages 5–7

1. Botley

A box is in the background and an orange robot with large eyes and a remote is in the foreground.

This set comes with a remote programmer, detachable robot arms, and 42 coding cards. Kids will have fun while working on their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We especially love that the coding required to make Botley move is completely screen-free!

Buy it: Learning Resources: Botley the Coding Robot at Amazon

2. Code & Go Robot Mouse

Coding toys include ones like this robot mouse which can be programmed to go through an obstacle course also pictured.

Kids will have fun making their new pet mouse light up and make sounds while also moving it through the designated course at two different speeds. The colorful buttons match up to coding cards so that even kids as young as preschool can learn programming and sequencing.


Buy it: Learning Resources: Code & Go Robot Mouse at Amazon

3. Coding Robot Set

A board has 4 squares by 3 squares and various gaming pieces.

This set is perfect for young kids since it uses actual physical blocks to reinforce coding concepts such as sequencing, conditionals, and debugging. Kids can select different options like play mode, where they make their robot do tricks. They can also try challenge mode, where they put their newfound coding skills to the test by completing challenges.

Buy it: Matatalab Coding Robot Set at Amazon

4. Coding Critters

A box says Coding Critters. There are castle themed toys in the forefront.

Preschoolers will undoubtedly love casting spells to make Blazer the Dragon do tricks like dancing, chasing his ball, and lighting up!

Buy it: MagiCoders Coding Critters at Amazon

5. A Coding Game

Coding toys can include games like this one called CoderMindz. The box is gray, white, and blue and features a robot.

Kids love games, so this coding board game is the perfect way to teach coding and artificial intelligence concepts like image recognition and adaptive learning. Surprisingly, this game was actually created by a 9-year-old inventor!

Buy it: CoderMindz Coding Game at Amazon

6. Coding & Robotics

A purple and white box says Kids First and Coding and Robotics. It has a robot and other coding toys on the cover.

This is the perfect introduction to the fundamentals of coding and robotics, but the best part is it does so without software, apps, or smart devices. Kids will enjoy building and coding while making a mouse move through a maze or guiding a soccer ball into the goal.

Buy it: Kids First: Coding & Robotics at Amazon

7. Voice-Activated Robot

A blue robot is made up of four balls. It has a singular eyeball on the top.

Is there anything cooler than a robot that you program yourself to interact and talk to you? The apps will help children learn sequencing, events, loops, algorithms, operations, and variables while having fun with their new friend through guided challenges.

Buy it: Wonder Workshop Dash at Amazon

Coding Toys for Ages 8–12

8. Mech 5

Coding toys often include robots like this one. A box says Mech 5 and has a photo of a robot on it.

Future engineers will learn about coding and engineering basics while making Mech 5 throw, lift, draw, and kick. This robot is probably best suited to the 10-plus crowd since it is a little more advanced than some of the other coding toys on our list.

Buy it: Snap Circuits: Teach Tech Mech 5 at Amazon

9. Minecraft Coding

A box is shown from the cover and the back. It has a picture from the video game Minecraft on it.

This educational software will teach Java coding in a fun way through kids’ favorite video game. Kids will learn coding and video game design while using the professional text editor Eclipse. They will especially love showing off the Minecraft mods they’ve created to friends and family!

Buy it: Coding for Kids with Minecraft at Amazon

10. Cybersecurity for Kids

A black box has a picture of a spy on it and says Hacker. A game board and pieces are also shown.

We think this game is fun, but don’t take our word for it—trust the nearly 700 4-star reviews on Amazon! Kids will have fun pretending to be hackers as they solve challenging logic puzzles.

Buy it: Think Fun Hacker Cybersecurity Game at Amazon

11. A Coding Subscription Service

A cardboard box has cards and other coding items in it.

Could it get any cooler than a coding subscription box for kids? Kids will begin by coding from examples but will be inventing their own apps in no time! We especially love the unlimited email support that is available.

Buy it: Bitsbox at Amazon

12. A Coding Car

A blue box says Code Car and a robot car is shown.

This code car is so cool. It has four LED lights, four buttons, and even a built-in speaker. Regardless of your previous coding experience, this toy, which has won awards from Purdue University and the Family Choice Awards, is sure to be a hit!

Buy it: Code Car at Amazon

13. A Drawing Robot

A robot and some markers are shown.

This is the perfect toy for any kid who is equally interested in art and computer programming. Artie comes with four washable markers, a quick start guide, and activity cards.

Buy it: Artie 3000 the Coding Drawing Robot at Amazon

14. Coding & Making Box

A box says NextMaker. There are three robots pictured and several coding cards.

This STEM box is both fun and educational as students learn electronics, robotics, and programming while building a magic tree, making a musical instrument, and more!

Buy it: Mableblock NextMaker STEM Kit at Amazon

Coding Toys for Ages 13+

15. Coding Kit

Some oding toys are perfect for teens like this blue box that says LINGO and In the Driver's Seat with a picture of half a car on it.

The step-by-step guides and visual instructions in this STEM coding kit will have kids coding in no time. We especially love that kids will be learning real-world lessons like building and coding a backup sensor for a car.

Buy it: Lingo STEM Coding Kit at Amazon

16. Lost in Space

Coding toys have themes like this one called 30 days lost in space. The title is on a space themed box.

This was created by a renowned NASA researcher and college professor, so you know you’re in good hands as you travel through space. After crash-landing on an alien planet, you’ll need to use your coding, hardware, and Arduino programming knowledge to make repairs and get back home!

Buy it: 30 Days Lost in Space at Amazon

17. Build a Doorbell

Coding toys like this one use a smartphone to create something. A green box is in the background. A hand holding a phone is shown and a black smart doorbell is in the forefront.

With this kit, you can build something that is not just cool but also practical! Once the coding is complete, you can actually use your new doorbell on your door and send text messages when someone rings.

Buy it: JuiceMind Smart Doorbell Coding Kit at Amazon

18. Robot Master Coding Kit

A crocodile robot is shown as is a box and a hand shown holding a smartphone.

Kids can learn from the 23 robotics courses included in this kit while building over 100 robots ranging in complexity from simple to difficult. They will walk away from this kit with an understanding of machinery, gears, structure, transmission, and more!

Buy it: Makerzoid Robot Master Coding Kit at Amazon

19. A Smart Train

A black and white train is shown on black tracks. There is a blue and white box in the background.

We love how versatile this toy is—it comes with four coding modes. The modes include screen-free, app-based, and block-based programming using Scratch, and interactive programming in Python.

Learn more: Intelino J-1 Smart Train at Amazon

20. Snap Circuits: Coding Edition

A box shows a circuit grid.

If you haven’t heard of Snap Circuits before, you definitely should find out about them! This edition, which the box says is perfect for ages 8 to 108, includes the option to download the Snap Circuits app. The app allows you to operate lights, sounds, and a motor.

Buy it: Snap Circuits Explore Coding at Amazon

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Coding (and really anything tech) can seem intimidating at first. We think these cool coding toys will change that idea!