Best Places To Buy Field Day Shirts (Plus Our Favorite Designs)

Turn heads as the most fashionable classroom.

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Field day is one of the most exciting and memorable days of the school year for teachers and students alike. Want to be the most fashionable classroom on the field? These fun t-shirts will get students into the spirit on the big day, and they’ll also make for a practical memento they can wear later. Check out our recommendations for the best places to buy field day shirts plus our favorite customizable designs to give you some inspiration for this year’s field day!

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Where To Buy Field Day Shirts

1. Custom Ink

If you’re looking for a big selection of school field day shirts, check out Custom Ink. In addition to T-shirts, you can order mugs, signs, notebooks, blankets, and more. Plus, they offer T-shirt fundraisers and a design lab where you can customize your shirts online.

2. Amazon

Many people are surprised to find out Amazon sells shirts, many of which can be personalized with your school name, colors, and logo. Amazon is best for small orders.

3. Spiritwear

From football to field day and everything in between, Spiritwear lets you choose from more than 5,000 designs you can personalize for any grade level. Or you can create a custom design. They also can embroider items for you!

4. Etsy


If you have a smaller order, Etsy is also a great place to buy field day shirts that are modern and stylish. Order for a small group or a single person.

5. Positivepromotions

Positive Promotions has all sorts of goodies for education-themed clothing, and is perfect to buy custom apparel for your field day. They have many designs to buy in bulk for the classroom or grade.

Our Favorite Field Day Shirts

1. Vintage Vibes

Blue shirt with words Field Day Vibes

This shirt has a super cute palette and font for the more aesthetically-conscious classroom.

Buy it: Field Day vibes shirt at Amazon

2. Fun in the Sun

Shirt with Field Day and photo of sun

This shirt is customizable and comes in 22 colors! It’s perfect to encapsulate the Field Day vibes– soaking in the Sun.

Source: Sunny Field Day shirt at Customink

3. Memorialize the year

Blue shirt with stick figures doing activities and the word 20XX Cooper Field Day

This shirt is a great relic to remember the specific year you had the best Field Day ever!

Buy it: Field Day Shirt at Customink

4. Field Day, fun day!

White shirt with words Field Day Fun Day!

This fun tie-dye shirt comes in multiple colors and feels like a Summer camp shirt- perfect for the sunny season.

Buy it: Field Day Fun Day shirt at Amazon

5. Sporty Shirt

Yellow shirt with words Field Day- Let the games begin!

If your Field Day is especially sports-based, commemorate it with this sports-themed field day shirt!

Buy it: Let The Games Begin Field Day shirt at Amazon

6. Vintage Baseball shirt

Blue shirt with words Field Day, Martin Luther King Elementary 23

This Baseball-themed shirt is customizable- both in text and in color.

Buy it: Baseball Field Day shirt at Positivepromotions

7. Purr-fect!

White shirt with words Paws-itively wild about field day. John Jay Elementary

For the Wildcat, the Bobcat, the Panther… If your school mascot is a four-legged friend, this is the perfect Field Day shirt!

Buy it: Paws-itively wild Shirt at Positivepromotions

8. Loud and Proud

Red shirt with words Loud & Proud

Wear this shirt loud and proud on your Field Day to boost school spirit.

Buy it: Loud and Proud shirt at Spiritwear

9. Represent your School

Blue customizable jersey

This shirt is super fun if you are putting your classroom into teams for your Field Day– just make sure to wear sunscreen to avoid that tagline in the Sun!

Buy it: Personalize Your Own Team Basketball Jersey at Amazon

10. Vintage Customizable shirt

Grey shirt with words Custom 2022 in green font

This shirt is customizable and super easy to style.

Buy it: Custom Team Shirt shirt on Etsy

11. Colorful Vibes

Colorful field day shirt

This super colorful shirt is the perfect shirt to get your classroom to feel the Field Day spirit.

Buy it: Colorful Field Day shirt on Etsy

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Turn heads as the most fashionable classroom at your next Field Day with this list of best Field Day shirts!