Classroom management … if only there was a magic, fail-safe formula to keep a class in order. It’s definitely the hardest part of the job for many teachers. And ironically, it seems to be the skill set that takes the longest to master.

Whether you’re a new teacher looking to get off to a stellar start, or a veteran with a new challenge, check out this round-up of tips and awesome articles. You’re sure to find just what you’re looking for!

1. Do your research.

There are SO many professional books that focus on the topic of classroom management. How to know which ones are really worth the time and expense? Check out this article for a cheat-sheet of our favorites.

15 Awesome Classroom Management Books

2. Employ anchor charts.

Lay out expectations in writing by co-creating classroom rules with your students on anchor charts. Display your posters around the classroom as a visual reminder to keep kids on track.

19 Classroom Management Anchor Charts

3. Practice, practice, practice.

Laying down clear, predictable routines helps keep things together in the classroom. This article lists 10 of the best ideas from teachers in the field.

10 Classroom Procedures That Will Save Your Sanity

4. Build a strong classroom community.

From the author: “When students come together as a cohesive unit that takes pride in learning, disruptions and misbehaviors are greatly reduced.” Amen!

10 Quick and Easy Ways to Develop a Strong Classroom Community

5. Set goals that result in positive action.

Even though September is almost over, the tips on this calendar are timeless! The daily reminders of simple acts of kindness that create a warm community are helpful every day of the year. So print it out and keep it posted! And if the expired dates really bother you, you can always white them out!

This Free Classroom Goals Calendar Will Help You Set a Positive Tone

6. Create a supportive learning environment.

Helping our students grow into kind, empathetic humans is probably the most important thing we can do for them. Read this article for tips that encourage compassion.

The Most Important Work We Do: Tips for Building a Compassionate Classroom

7. Focus on social-emotional learning.

Your students will love these read-alouds. They’re colorful and fun and each one has a deeper meaning that addresses issues that face us all as human beings.

50 Must-Have Picture Books to Teach Social Emotional Skills

Keeping the whole child in mind, this article shares ways of connecting with your students in small ways that make a big difference.

21 Simple Ways to Integrate Social-Emotional Learning Throughout the Day

8. Manage distractions.

We love that our students feel comfortable in their classroom environment, and we love when they are bursting with ideas. But sometimes we really need some peace and quiet for everyone to do their best learning!

Curb Classroom Chatter! 10 Tips to Help Teachers Keep Their Sanity

Playful (sometimes silly!) ways to capture your students attention in a hurry.

27 Good Attention-Getters For Quieting A Noisy Classroom

9. Master middle school classroom management.

Teaching middle schoolers brings unique challenges. Here are three awesome articles to help you positively manage your tweens and early teens .

11 Dos and Don’ts of Middle School Classroom Management

5 Ways to Increase Student Ownership in Your Classroom

6 Steps for Turning Around Middle School Classroom Behavior

10. Handle high school classroom management.

Big tips for managing the big kids.

7 Classroom Management Techniques Teachers Swear By

5 Quick Tips for Secondary Classroom Management That Actually (I Promise You!) Work

50 Tips and Tricks for High School Classroom Management

11. Learn from the pros.

And last but not least, sometimes the old-fashioned ways (and a little common sense) go a long way toward bringing order into the classroom.

14 Classroom Management Strategies We Can Learn from Mary Poppins