Free Printable: 24 Attention-Getters for the Classroom

Take it beyond 1, 2, 3 Eyes on Me!

A printout of 24 attention getters for classrooms

You know that point in the day when the volume starts amping up? Bring down the noise level and help your students focus with these call-and-response routines. For each routine, we tell you what the teacher should say and how students should respond. Kids love them, and these classroom attention-getters really work!

We’ve shared 9 of our favorite attention-getters below, but there are 14 more in our printable version. Just submit your email here to get the printable version, and feel free to share it with a teacher friend!

  1. Teacher asks: “Ready to listen?”
    Students respond: “Ready to learn!”
  2. Teacher asks: “All set?” (Clap, clap, clap)
    Students respond: “You bet!” (Clap, clap, clap)
  3. Teacher says: “Quiet on the set.”
    Students respond: “Action!”
  4. Teacher says: “Surf’s up!”
    Students respond: “Shhhh!”
  5. Teacher asks: “Ready to rock?”
    Students respond: “Ready to roll!”
  6. Teacher says: “Hands on top.”
    Students respond: “That means stop!”
  7. Teachers asks: “Ready, set?”
    Students respond: “You bet!”
  8. Teacher says: “Chicka, chicka.”
    Students respond: “Boom, boom!”
  9. Teacher says: “When I say PEACE, you say QUIET. Peace…”
    Students respond: “…Quiet!”

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