ChatGPT Alternatives: 31 AI Tools Teachers Should Know About

You and your students will love using them.

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While ChatGPT is soaking up all the AI glory right now, there are plenty of ChatGPT alternatives that should be on every teacher’s radar. From personalizing learning experiences to automating administrative tasks, AI tools have the potential to transform teaching and learning. Although some teachers are hesitant to embrace AI, there are numerous productive ways to use AI tools like ChatGPT in the classroom. Below is a collection of some of the best AI tools for education that go beyond the typical chatbot.

Goal: I want to save time on grading

Try: Gradescope

Gradescope is a handy AI-powered platform that streamlines grading for assignments and exams. It offers helpful features like automatic grading and rubric-based assessments, and provides detailed feedback to students. It’s a huge time-saver!

Goal: I want to encourage creativity

Try: Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator is an awesome AI tool that combines existing images from the internet to generate custom composite images. It can be used in the classroom to create visuals for presentations and design custom graphics. This is a great resource to spice up your creative writing routine—have your students create unique characters for storytelling!

Goal: I want to elevate my teaching craft

Try: Education CoPilot

With Education CoPilot, educators can access an unlimited amount of AI-based assistance to streamline virtually all areas of the teaching craft. With this one-stop shop, you can access curriculum-aligned content, generate activities, and track student performance. Try any or all of its handy features to boost your planning efficiency.

Goal: I want go-to video software


Try: Yippity

Yippity is an innovative AI-powered platform that enhances video creation. It automates various aspects of video production, including editing, effects, and customization. Book trailer projects would be a great use for this tool.

Goal: I want to streamline essay grading

Try: Easy Grader

Easy Grader is an AI tool for education that analyzes and assesses the quality of written assignments to automatically calculate scores. You can create assessments, provide feedback, generate reports, and more.

Goal: I want to provide quick and detailed feedback

Try: Turnitin

This popular AI tool for education is widely used for plagiarism detection, but it also incorporates technology for grading and assessment. It offers tools like GradeMark, which allows instructors to annotate and evaluate student submissions digitally, providing feedback and assigning grades.

Goal: I want to incorporate independent studying

Try: QuizBot

QuizBot is an AI chatbot designed to help students with quiz preparation. It can generate practice questions, provide instant feedback on answers, and offer explanations for correct and incorrect responses. Use this tool to boost study practices in your classroom—try implementing independent or group study halls.

Goal: I want to encourage foreign language use

Try: Duolingo Chatbot

Best for foreign language teachers, Duolingo utilizes AI chatbots to facilitate language practice. The chatbots engage students in conversation, assess their language skills, and provide interactive language exercises and feedback to improve proficiency. This tool could be great to incorporate into a Daily Language Journal, where students can interact with the chatbot and document their growth.

Goal: I want to promote group studying

Try: Brainly

Brainly is an AI tool for education that includes an awesome chatbot component. It allows students to ask academic questions and receive answers from a community of students and subject matter experts. The chatbot can provide real-time assistance and help with homework, explanations, and problem-solving. This ChatGPT alternative can be used to encourage virtual study groups for nearly any subject, which will boost collaboration among your students.

Goal: I want a one-stop shop for student questions

Try: Socratic

Socratic is an AI resource designed to assist students with their academic questions. It provides helpful step-by-step explanations, relevant resources, and content to help students enhance their understanding. Try using Socratic to elevate your classroom research or debate projects.

Goal: I want to boost my students’ writing skills

Try: Grammarly

Grammarly is a household name to many. Grammarly Premium also gets great reviews in the classroom. This awesome AI platform provides real-time grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style suggestions for any written content. You can leverage Grammarly to streamline essay grading or to facilitate independent or peer-review practices for written assignments.

Goal: I want to spice up student projects

Try: Dall-E

Dall-E is an AI model that generates images from specific prompts or descriptions. As long as your students can describe it, Dall-E can create it. This ChatGPT alternative can be a fun component to incorporate into scientific illustration projects and more.

Goal: I want to streamline my written assessment feedback

Try: Cognii

Cognii is an AI tool that provides automated feedback on written assignments. It evaluates students’ responses, offering personalized feedback on content, style, and structure. In the classroom, Cognii can be leveraged to assess virtual debate projects—it can analyze written arguments and “judge” accordingly.

Goal: I want to expedite classroom presentation prep

Try: Canva Magic Write and Magic Design

This ChatGPT alternative has several AI-powered tools within Canva, including Magic Write and Magic Design, that can basically craft templates, content, and images in seconds. It’s a fabulous time-saver for teachers and a fun way to spice up classroom presentation prep. Challenge your students to create presentations about the solar system, and watch them go!

Goal: I want a resource that helps students with math

Try: Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an AI tool for education that provides answers and step-by-step solutions to complex concepts. Primarily used for math, this tool can essentially coach your students through any math problem using familiar, replicable methods; it acts almost as a tutor or academic coach. This can be used for assessment prep, homework help, and everything in between.

Goal: I want my students to be resourceful

Try: IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant is an AI-powered virtual assistant that can answer students’ questions, provide explanations, and offer support on virtually any topic. In the classroom, it can be used to answer questions in real time. This handy tool could be helpful with student research projects—encourage your class to interact with the virtual assistant to clarify their research objectives, refine their search, and receive real-time feedback.

Goal: I want to make note-taking more efficient

Try: Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is a voice-to-text AI tool that converts spoken words into written text. Students can use Dragon Dictation to transcribe their thoughts, ideas, or even classroom discussions, making it useful for note-taking or creating written assignments. This is an awesome resource to leverage for lecture-based note-taking—have your students queue up the software and present your lesson as usual. No more sloppy notebooks!

Goal: I want to help my struggling readers

Try: Speechify

On the flip side, Speechify is an AI-based text-to-speech tool that converts written text into audio. Here, students can follow along with the text as it is read aloud, helping them to better understand the content and improve their comprehension skills. This is a great go-to resource for book clubs or group reading projects—everyone gets the same content at once.

Goal: I want to quickly grade multiple-choice assessments

Try: Akindi

Akindi is an AI-based multiple-choice-exam grading tool. It can scan and grade multiple-choice answer sheets automatically, so you don’t have to. This AI tool for education also includes a reports feature to help you gain insights into student performance.

Goal: I want to streamline my video note sheets

Try: YouTube Summary Extension

Looking for ChatGPT alternatives for videos? Try YouTube Summary with ChatGPT, which uses AI to generate concise summaries of YouTube videos, which helps students grasp key ideas without watching the entire video. In the classroom, it can be used to provide students with condensed versions of educational videos for easy video note-taking.

Goal: I want to simplify written response feedback

Try: LightSIDE

LightSIDE is another open-source AI tool specifically designed for grading and providing feedback on student-written responses. It specializes in analyzing and evaluating essays, short answers, and other written assignments based on predefined criteria. Simply describe what you want to grade, and the software will do the rest!

Goal: I want to highlight key concepts in video content

Try: VideoAnt

VideoAnt is an AI tool for education that allows teachers to annotate and add comments to videos. With it, teachers can highlight important concepts, promote discussion, and more. This tool is awesome for guided note-taking—just annotate some key ideas throughout a video to prompt students toward noting the important stuff.

Goal: I want to incorporate more independent and self-paced learning

Try: Quizlet

Quizlet is a classic go-to AI tool for education. This awesome learning platform allows teachers to create and share study materials online. Students can access flash cards, quizzes, and more for self-paced learning. Challenge your class to create a collective, comprehensive flash card deck to help boost study efforts.

Goal: I want to save time on making lesson slides

Try: Slides AI

Did you know there are ChatGPT alternatives that can help you quickly create slide decks? Slides AI automatically generates slide templates, recommends appropriate fonts and color schemes, and provides guidance on optimizing the overall visual impact of presentations. Simply enter the text that you want to create your presentation from, customize the look, and voilà!

Goal: I want to streamline assessment creation

Try: Conker

Conker helps teachers create multiple-choice, read-and-respond, and fill-in-the-blank quizzes. This tool is another awesome time-saving resource and is guaranteed to streamline your assessment creation.

Goal: I want to encourage proofreading

Try: Quillbot

This is one of the ChatGPT alternatives that is a game-changer in terms of essay writing. It will offer you and your students suggestions for sentence rephrasing, vocabulary enhancement, and grammar correction. This is a great tool to use for independent proofreading or peer review.

Goal: I want my students to get to the point


This awesome tool can analyze and condense lengthy pieces of text into concise summaries, capturing the key ideas and important details. Your students can get exactly what they need from videos, lectures, and large documents from this ChatGPT alternative.

Goal: I want to spark class conversation

Try: Parlay Genie 

Parlay Genie is a discussion-prompt generator. It crafts higher-order thinking questions for your class based on a topic, a YouTube video, or an article. Use it to spark conversation following a lesson, elevate partner study routines, or generate journal-writing questions.

Goal: I want to spice up my history projects

Try: Hello History

Hello History is a one-of-a-kind AI app that facilitates lifelike conversations with historical figures. Students can get a detailed personal perspective on life, history, and the world from some of the most influential figures of all time.

Goal: I want my students well prepared for presentations

Try: Speaker Coach

Speaker Coach is an interactive AI technology that gives you feedback on oral presentations. It can detect and evaluate your vocabulary, pacing, tone, and more. Encourage presentation practice in your classroom with this ChatGPT alternative.

Goal: I want my lessons to be interactive

Try: Curipod

Curipod is an awesome interactive slide-presentation tool. Here, teachers can incorporate polls, drawings, Q&A slides, and more right into their lesson slide deck. And better yet, Curipod will generate the whole slide deck for you based on the lesson topic.

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