25 Inventive Cardboard Activities and Games for Learning

So many uses for all those Amazon boxes!

Six Separate Images of Cardboard Activities from Dice to Houses.

If there’s one thing most of us have plenty of these days, it’s cardboard. Before you chuck it straight into the recycling bin, take a look at these fun and creative cardboard activities. There are so many ways for kids to learn and play with those boxes and tubes!

1. Make a marble labyrinth

Cardboard Activities Frugal Fun

Marble mazes are all the rage, but we love the added twist of holes to avoid on this version. This is one of those cardboard activities kids will come back to again and again.

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2. Thread cardboard beads

Little fingers will have no trouble manipulating these giant cardboard “beads” onto a string. Use them to make and copy patterns too.

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3. Feed the letter monster

Cardboard Activities Happy Tot Shelf

Learning the ABCs is so much fun with this adorable box monster! Slide the letter strip, then find the matching letter and drop it into the monster’s mouth.

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4. Put together a DIY geoboard

Geoboards are a staple in most elementary classrooms, but you don’t need to buy them. Make your own with some push pins and a sheet of sturdy cardboard.

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5. Construct a cardboard city

Set your imagination free and create a whole city of buildings! This stacked version reminds us of Native American cliff dwellings… so cool!

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6. Wind a cardboard winch

Cardboard Activities Little Bins for Little Hands

Learn more about physics when you build this simple machine that really works! Get the full instructions at the link.

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7. Roll the giant dice

Need a set of giant dice? Make your own from cardboard and colorful duct tape.

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8. Showcase your nature finds

Cardboard Activities Little Pine Learners

Build a display case for all the cool items you find on your nature walks. Add dividers and labels just like in a museum!

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9. Roll and count

Cardboard Activities Raising Dragons

Cardboard activities like this one combine hand-eye coordination with counting practice. Oh, and did we mention they’re also a ton of fun?

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10. Launch pom poms into space

Cardboard Activities Teach Beside Me

Every kid loves getting to throw things across the classroom. So they’ll get a real kick out of building and playing with this cardboard launcher.

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11. Turn cardboard into construction materials

Cardboard Activities JDaniel4's Mom Pinterest

Cardboard is one of our favorite materials for STEM challenges. Give kids this chart as a reference, then turn them loose to see what they can create!

Learn more: JDaniel4’s Mom/Pinterest

12. Put on a puppet show

This little puppet theater is absolutely adorable … plus it lights up! Imagine the shows your kids can put on with it.

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13. Assemble an adding machine

A couple of cardboard tubes and a box are all you need to make an “adding machine.” Drop items down the tubes and add them up, or take things a step further by dropping dice and adding the results.

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14. Spin a cardboard top

Cardboard Activities Frugal Fun 2

Adding a marble to the bottom is the trick to making these terrific spinning tops. Play with the designs to see which make the best patterns when they’re in motion.

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15. Count on a cardboard abacus

A homemade abacus works just as well as the wooden kind. They’re terrific for learning to count, as well as practicing addition and subtraction.

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16. Float a cardboard boat

Cardboard Activities Teach Kids Engineering

There are so many terrific STEM cardboard activities out there. This one asks students to build a cardboard boat that floats and can carry cargo. Ahoy matey!

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17. Play a game of shoebox foosball

Cardboard Activities Mum in the Madhouse

Build a couple of these mini cardboard foosball games with your students, then keep them around for indoor recess time.

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18. Take aim for math skills

Dangle numbered cups from a cardboard frame, then take aim! Shoot an arrow or toss a ball, then add, subtract, or multiply the numbers you hit.

Learn more: Happy Salt Folk/Instagram

19. Turn cardboard tubes into building blocks

Cardboard Activities Picklebums

Save your toilet paper tubes and make customized building blocks. These are incredibly simple, but kids can build so many things with them.

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20. Catapult pom poms for reading practice

Practicing letters or numbers (in any language)? Build your own catapult and board to make the experience more fun! Get the how-to at the link.

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21. Drive a rubber band-powered car

This car really works, using the power of rubber bands! For a fun STEM challenge, give kids the basic instructions, then ask them to design a car that travels the fastest or can carry the most weight.

Learn more: Instructables

22. Create a cardboard roadway

Take those cardboard cars for a drive along the cardboard highway! Kids can keep adding to this with new cardboard sheets.

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23. Strum a cardboard guitar

Here’s one of those classic cardboard activities: the shoebox guitar! Use different sizes of rubber bands and pluck the strings to see how the tones change.

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24. Map out a maze

Cardboard Activities Hallmark Channel

Just finished a move? Gather up those large boxes and use them to create a maze, complete with a map for those who get lost.

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25. Show off your artwork

This doesn’t look much like today’s TVs, but it’s still a clever way to show off kids’ art skills. Learn how to build it at the link.

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25 Inventive Cardboard Activities and Games for Learning