30 Times Teachers Dressed Up for Class and Impressed Us All

Teacher dress up is the REAL reason we love to teach.

Four teachers wearing blue whale costumes in a classroom behind a cardboard cutout of a whale

Okay don’t tell anyone, but for a few of us being able to do teacher dress up is one of our favorite things about being a teacher. We love being able to wear goofy costumes and wacky getups. What other job could you not only but be EXPECTED to wear your PJs all day?

So why do we love teacher dress up? Maybe we had too much fun at Halloween when we were young, or we’re theater wannabees, or maybe we love teaching because we’re all just big kids at heart.

Regardless, here are some of our favorite #teacherdressup pics from Instagram that show when you work with kids you don’t even have to have a reason to dress up!

1. When we’re mad as the Mad Hatter

Teacher dressed as the mad hatter with black curtains in background

Source: @mrvandermonde

2. When we’ve got the munchies

Teachers dressed up in taco costumes in classroom

Source: @missmurphyteach

3. When we’re feeling sparkly


Teacher dressed as a rainbow fish with silver shoes in classroom

Source: @teaching_with_gratitude


4. When it’s Dr. Seuss’ birthday

Teacher wearing red and white striped socks, one featuring the cat in the hat to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss

Source: @stayweird_class

5. When we’re feeling notorious

Teacher dressed Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a supreme court justice robe and holding a copy of Notorious RBG

Source: @melmollick

6. When we call Miss Viola Swamp to sub

Teacher dressed up as Miss Viola Swamp holding an empty Dunkin Donuts cup

Source: @clever_gir1

7. When all we have to say is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Teacher outside holding a rainbow umbrella dressed as Mary Poppins

Source: @missvocalesclassroom

8. When we want our students to believe in the Book Fairy

Teacher dressed up as a book fairy with wings featuring pages of books

Source: @primarilyteaching

9. When we’re feeling particularly wishy-washy

Two teachers dressed as the character Mrs. Wishy Washy in a classroom

Source: @igniting_the_fire

10. When we have a “whale” of a time together

Four teachers wearing blue whale costumes in a classroom behind a cardboard cutout of a whale

Source: @misswilcoxs_cleverclassroom

11. When we want to get in on the alpaca craze

Teacher outside in front of a shrub dressed as an alpaca holding a copy of the books Alpacas with Maracas

Source: @miss.goodytwoshoes

12. When we feel part Captain Underpants, part Super Teacher

Teacher in a classroom striking a hero pose dressed as Captain Underpants

Source: @littleapplelearning

13. When we’re celebrating our fairy tales unit

Teacher in a pink robe and wolf mask in a classroom

Source: @welcomemrsc

14. When we turn our clocks back too far

Three teachers in front of a blue wall dressed as colonial Australians

Source: @em_hicks23

15. When a baby bump makes us feel like Pooh Bear

Pregnant teacher using her baby bump to create a Winnie the Pooh costume, holding a mug that says "Hunny" in a classroom

Source: @teachlovescoffee

16. When we’re talking ’bout  Einstein

Teacher dressed up as Albert Einstein surrounded by three students in a classroom

Source: @jtownelementaryschool

17. When it’s St. Paddy’s day

Teacher in a leprechaun outfit in a classroom jumping and clicking his heels in front of a Christmas tree with shamrock garland

Source: @handsthatteach

18. When we teach like pirates—aargh!

Two teachers in a classroom dressed as pirates

Source: @otter378‘s pirate costume

19. When it’s school spirit dayCloseup of a teacher's face wearing a hat with colored feathers celebrating school spirit day

Source: @otter378‘s school spirit

20. When it’s book character day

Teacher holding a cookie dressed as a mouse in a classroom alongside the book You Give A Mouse A Cookie collaged into the picture

Source: @teachingincrocs

21. When it’s day 100

Five teachers in a hallway dressed as old grannies pretending to fight and take shelter from each other

Source: @aldjackson

22. When it’s pajama day (hooray!)

Closeup of a teacher wearing an owl pajama onesie

Source: @ashleysbrainycenters

23. When we’re feeling groovy.

Teacher in a classroom dressed up like a flower child from the 70's in white knee-high boots, a dress, fur coat, and headband

Source: @vsaccone

24. When it’s mismatch day

Teacher taking a picture in font of a mirror while wearing mismatched clothes to celebrate mismatch day

Source: @veryperryclassroom

25. When we have got to celebrate being KinderQueen.

Teacher in a classroom with polka dot carpet dressed as the tooth fairy

Source: @mrsking_kinderqueen

26. When bucket fillers make our hearts happy

Three teachers in front of lockers in a school hallway each standing in a pink bucket with a smiling face draw onto it

Source: @ateachableteacher

27. When we’re trying to introduce kids to an amazing artist

Closeup of the face of a teacher dressed as Frida Kahlo while standing in front of a rendering of Frida Kahlo's famous self portrait

Source: @shess15

28. When it’s mustache day!

Closeup of a teachers face with thin moustache drawn on as an homage to John Waters

Source: @sugar_booger_sara

29. When it’s Tacky Tuesday

Closeup of two teachers making funny faces while being dressed for tacky tuesday

Source: @oscargogh

30. When we’re feeling a little moo-dy

Teacher standing in front of a whiteboard in a classroom dressed in a cow costume

Source: @amani_swearingen

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