Okay don’t tell anyone, but for a few of us one of our favorite things about being a teacher is being able to wear goofy costumes and wacky getups. What other job could you not only but be EXPECTED to wear your PJs all day?

So why do we love teacher dress up? Maybe we had too much fun at Halloween when we were young, or we’re theater wannabees, or maybe we love teaching because we’re all just big kids at heart.

Regardless, here are some of our favorite #teacherdressup pics from Instagram that show when you work with kids you don’t even have to have a reason to dress up!

1. When we’re mad as the Mad Hatter

2. When we’ve got the munchies

3. When we’re feeling sparkly

4. When it’s Dr. Seuss’ birthday

5. When it’s Recycle Fashion Week

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The beginning of April has been BUSY! Every April we have a Recycling week and during that week we have a "Recycle Fashion Show!" My co-teacher and I coordinated 26 DIFFERENT costumes😅😪 to accommodate our "A Child's Imagination" theme. The students collected recyclable materials from home and we made them into their desired costumes. The teachers on the otherhand… we made something ON THE SPOT to be in character with the kids 😭😂. He's a few of our costumes: Robot, Paper Bag Princess, Fairy and Butterfly. I'm glad we were able to showcase recycling in this fun interactive way… but let's just say I need to add fashion designer or tailor or something to my skillset🗣😂. #TeachingWithMsHalle #iTeachPreK #PreKTeacher #RecyclingWeek #RecycleRunwayFashionShow #teachersofinstagram #TeacherDressUp

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6. When we’re feeling notorious

7. When we call Miss Viola Swamp to sub

8. When all we have to say is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

9. When we want our students to believe in the Book Fairy

10. When we’re feeling particularly wishy-washy

11. When we have a “whale” of a time together

12. When we want to get in on the alpaca craze

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• BOOK WEEK 2019 • Alpacas with Maracas 🦙 By @matt.cosgrove A lot of you would already know that book week is my JAM! I just love it. And book week at my new school did not disappoint 👏🏻 This years costume was so much fun to wear … though door ways were a challenge 😂 • COSTUME DIRECTIONS • Majority of the material involved is felt. The black for the ears needs to be a very stiff felt. Otherwise I used some drawstring, sharpie, loopy wool and stuffing. I measured my head and how tall I wanted the headpiece to be. Drew and cut out one side of the headpiece and then used that to stencil the other side. Same for the ears. I then pinned the ears sitting between the two head pieces and (very very roughly!) hand sewed the head pieces together. The drawstring is sewn into the inside of the head on each side. I then put a piece of paper inside the head so I could glue on the face pieces. For all the face pieces I used different sized bowls to trace circles onto felt, glued them all on and added sharpie details. You need quite a bit of glue and it takes a while to dry. I did have all these intentions of making leg pieces out of felt but in the end took the easy option of just wrapping loopy wool around my legs 👍🏻 Final touch was stuffing the headpiece and walking around the house laughing at myself in it😆 My inspiration for the headpiece was actually a llama cat costume I found on Pinterest 😂👍🏻 so cheers to that cat! I’m so happy with how it turned out and I hope everyone else is having a splendid book week!

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13. When we feel part Captain Underpants, part Super Teacher

14. When we’re celebrating our fairy tales unit

15. When we turn our clocks back too far

16. When a baby bump makes us feel like Pooh Bear

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Oh bother. 🐻🍯 #teacherdressupday

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17. When we’re talking ’bout  Einstein

18. When it’s St. Paddy’s day

19. When we teach like pirates—aargh!

20. When it’s our birthday

21. When it’s school spirit day

22. When it’s book character day

23. When it’s day 100

24. When it’s pajama day (hooray!)

25. When we’re feeling groovy.

26. When it’s mismatch day

27. When we have got to celebrate being KinderQueen.

28. When we worship Mo Willems

29. When bucket fillers make our hearts happy

30. When we’ve waited all year for Girl Scout cookies

31. When we’re trying to introduce kids to an amazing artist

32. When it’s mustache day!

33. When it’s Tacky Tuesday

34. When we’re feeling a little moo-dy

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Uh, is Mr. Bolton wearing a cow suit?? What??

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