The bar for classroom door decorations just got raised—like, a lot. That’s because teachers across the country are decorating their doors in celebration of Black History Month and sharing pictures of them across social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are flooded with these stunning and artistic displays, which feature the faces of inspiring Black figures such as Ruby Bridges, Misty Copeland, Michelle Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., Angela Davis, and Rosa Parks.

Not only do these impressively decorated doors aim to celebrate inspirational Black heroes who have made history, but they also empower students and kickstart a dialogue.

“It is so much more than decor. This door has already sparked so many conversations with students I’ve never met or talked to before,” said high school teacher, Mrs. Lewis in a post on Instagram.

Here are a handful of Black History Month classroom doors that stopped our scroll.

1. Be Brave Like Ruby

Still of black history month doors be brave like ruby from Instagram

“I always kick off Black History Month by sharing the story of Ruby Bridges because it is one that I feel that my students will identify with.”

Source: @isapartycreations

2. Use All The Shades

Still of black history month doors for every shade from Twitter

Simple and stunning.

Source: @chocolatemiata

3. A Thought-Provoking Installation

Still of black history month doors can be thought provoking from Instagram

Even her earrings are inspiring.

Source: @artistcarolebandycarson

4. More Than Decor

Still of black history month doors are more than decor from Instagram

This door has sparked so many conversations.

Source: @lessonswithlewis

5. Don’t Forget the Crown

Still of black history month doors shouldn't forget the crown from Instagram


Source: @fuyu.maki

6. Show Some Flower Power

Still of black history month doors show some flower power from Instagram

Powerful & pretty.

Source: @artwithmrspryor

7. Flaunt Some Black Girl Magic

Still of black history month doors show black girl magic

Yes, yes, yes.

Source: @on_my_own_tip

8. The Beauty Is in the Details

Still of black history month doors have beauty in the details

Hair clips, yarn-wrapped dreads, and baby hairs. This teacher thought of it all!

Source: @takachanique

9. Make It a Work in Progress

Still of black history month doors are a work in progress from Instagram

Don’t be afraid to add more over time.

Source: @aspired_rae

10. Make it a Group Effort

Still of black history month doors are a group effort from Instagram

Recruit your students to help. “My students were excited to help me! From the hot gluing of the puffballs, to the cutting and painting, and the putting the door together.”

Source: @dopeartistchickjaszkie

11. Think Outside the Box

Still of black history month doors can go outside the box from Instagram

… and in this case literally outside of the door frame.

Source: @hellotristahn

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13 Black History Month Classroom Doors That Stopped Our Scroll