16 Best Teacher Pinterest Pages to Obsess Over

Can’t. Stop. Pinning. All. The. Things.

Best Teacher Pinterest

I don’t think I know a single teacher who doesn’t love Pinterest. It’s a great tool for keeping track of inspiring classroom setups, cool lesson plans, recipes for busy school nights and more. But because so many teachers love it, there is a ton of content out there. To make sure you’re finding the most drool-worthy, aha! ideas out there, I’ve gathered the best teacher Pinterest pages you should follow today. Check it out.

1. Fun, Fresh Ideas for Your Class

Visit this teacher Pinterest page for a well-curated collection of all the crazy, wonderful components of this funny, maddening, and beautiful profession. Popular boards include inspiration for Secondary Classroom Décor and Literature Units.

2. One Extra Degree

This teacher Pinterest page is maintained by someone I wish had been my elementary school teacher. There are boards upon boards of fantastic primary grade ideas like the Word Work board or the Gifts, etc. board.

3. Science Penguin

Apart from having a really fun name, Science Penguin’s Pinterest board is really well organized and full of amazing ideas for every type of science imaginable. The Interactive Science Notebooks board is amazing.

4. 2 Peas and a Dog

Well-organized and full of great material, this teacher Pinterest page is one every middle school ELA teacher should check out. I like that the focus of the account is on teaching, not what 2 Peas and a Dog wants to wear while working out. I find myself looking through her Middle School Writing” board frequently.

5. Pinch of Yum


While not technically an education account, Pinch of Yum is curated by a former elementary school teacher who now pins beautiful, usually healthy, and often fast recipes which is something every busy teacher could use more of in their lives! Boards to check out include Quick and Easy Meals and Healthy Meals.

6. Patti of Madly Learning

Education buzzwords “Inquiry, Technology, and Differentiation” are the focus of this teacher Pinterest page and I find myself coming back to it frequently when I need ideas to inspire my lesson planning.

7. World Language Café

Spanish and French teachers will rejoice at this beautifully curated collection of resources for your classrooms. I’ve gotten lost in boards of beautiful photographs of Spanish-speaking countries. And I love to laugh at the Ryan Gosling teaching memes on her Hot for the Teacher board.

8. Saavy School Counselor

I’m excited to include a Pinterest page from a school counselor. Often overlooked, counselors can a have a tremendous impact on the lives of the students they serve. The resources on this page will really help anyone with this challenging job. Check out the School Counseling in Action” board for some instant inspiration!

9. Mathberry Lane

With boards ranging from Elementary Math to Precalculus and more, Mathberry Lane is a great teacher Pinterest page for math teachers at any level. I would have loved to have found the Math Stations K-12 board when I was still teaching middle school Pre-Algebra!

10. Language Arts Classroom

Providing sensible but meaningful educational ideas is the goal of this teacher Pinterest page. I love that—it’s deas that I can really use that aren’t going to wind up in a Pinterest Fail article somewhere. The account owner has an incredible board on Teaching Grammar that almost makes me think I could teach it without hating it.

11. Social Studies Success

When the creator of this teacher Pinterest page says that she’s been teaching social studies for more than 20 years, you know you’re going to find some great stuff. From Social Studies Games to great photographs of her Social Studies Products in Action, there really is something for every area of social studies on this account.

12. KidSparkz Teacher Resources

This best teacher Pinterest page curates free and low-cost resources for preschool, re-K, and kindergarten classrooms. A lot of the boards are theme related, which makes it really easy to navigate. The boards on Summer and Back to School look adorable.

13. GoPro

One area I feel most teachers are sorely lacking in is our ability to take care of ourselves. We’re so busy taking care of others that our own mental and physical health gets pushed to the side. GoPro isn’t a teacher Pinterest page, but I’m including it on the best teacher Pinterest pages list anyway! The pictures are so stunning that scrolling through it is like a mini-brain vacation. Try it! Go look at the Lifes a Beach board or the Chasing Sunsets board and tell me you don’t feel a bit more relaxed or inspired.

14. Penguin Random House

Another non-teacher Pinterest account worth checking out is Penguin Random House. With Common Core standards pushing teachers to include more non-fiction texts in lessons, the Literary Biographies board is definitely worth a look. And the YA & Middle Grades Books We Love board could inspire new book recommendations for your students, a managed choice unit, or even an after school book club.

15. Levato

Leandro Toledo isn’t a teacher and isn’t pinning for teachers. But that’s why he’s on the list. Pinterest is an amazing online world, and I include his account, Levato with the hope you’ll be inspired to branch out in how you use Pinterest to find just how many great accounts there are. I used to use Pinterest for teaching stuff and recipes and that was about it – but since learning more about it, I’m loving all the different things I’m learning. Check out Levato’s “Posters & Quotes” board for some inspiration that hasn’t been turned into a teacher poster yet, or his “Sarcasm” board for some NSFW laughs at the end of a long day.

16. WeAreTeachers

If you’re reading this list, then you probably already know and love the WeAreTeachers Pinterest page. I think it’s one of the best teacher Pinterest pages because it curates ideas from so many amazing teachers. Bulletin Board Ideas We Love and Teacher Deals and Discounts are not to be missed.

What do you think the best teacher Pinterest pages are? Share any we missed in the comments!