Whether it’s that awkward day before a break when five students show up, or a half day when you happen to be between units, there are occasionally going to be times when it helps to have a quick, educational video on hand. Teacher Cailin wrote into the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE last week asking for tips on finding good videos. “I am looking for educational videos for our fourth and fifth graders to watch in the morning while waiting for teachers to pick them up to start the day,” she said. “Any ideas?”

You bet, Cailin! Check out the suggestions and links below.

  1. The Magic School Bus

  2. “Kid President on Soul Pancake has funny, inspirational videos for kids.” —Ruth D.

  3. “Get an EDpuzzle account and you can find tons of videos on whatever content you’re studying that week.” —S.K. Orear

  4. PBS videos

  5. Kid Snippets is funny, not so educational, but kids love them.” —Lindsey E.

  6. CNN Student News

  7. “Free videos on BrainPOP.” —Adriane G.

  8. Study Jams

  9. TED Talks

  10. “’Schoolhouse Rock’! My fourth graders love it, and they are the only kids in school who can recite the Preamble!” —Robin C.

  11. “If you want to incorporate movement, check out GoNoodle. It has yoga, guided dance, indoor recess and much more!” —Kyra M.

  12. Bill Nye

  13. Liberty’s Kids

  14. Wishbone

  15. “Try Storyline Online for quick stories.” —Julia P.

  16. Flocabulary

  17. InspireMyKids

  18. “’Reading Rainbow‘ is on Netflix now.” —Frankie F.

  19. Book Box

Teachers, what other videos or video sources would you add to this list?

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