40 Teacher-Approved Kindergarten Workbooks

Additional practice for math, reading, writing, and more!

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Workbooks don’t have to be boring! There are some awesome workbooks out there to help kids practice important math and reading skills. We’ve gathered the best kindergarten workbooks for every topic, and included teacher reviews so you know why they work!

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Best Math Kindergarten Workbooks

Kindergarten Math Workbook

Introduce young learners to basic mathematics including number recognition, addition and subtraction, telling numbers, money and more! The activities such as “Color and Trace the Numbers” are fun and colorful, turning math into magical adventures!

Real review: “The super cute cover drew me in… The content inside has some tracing and writing, but also a lot of fun ways to learn math basics…I highly recommend.”

Math for Kindergarten

This best-selling kindergarten workbook is perfect for students learning basic math concepts in the classroom or through homeschool.

Real review: “Easy way to keep kids engaged. Few pages are easy and few are right for the age so it’s an overall balance. Good for daily practice at this price can’t be any better. Go for it.”

My Kindergarten Math Workbook


With more than 100 activities designed for kids ages five to six, this workbook is entertaining and educational. The exercises increase in difficulty, keeping students actively engaged from start to finish!

Real teacher review: “This is an awesome math workbook!! We use this for fun math activities in our kindergarten classroom. These work well laminated to use again and again with dry erase markers.”


Addition Subtraction Practice Workbook

Use this addition and subtraction practice workbook to help your child learn the basics of math and prepare for taking tests through different activities that support students used to both home and in-school environments.

Real review: “My kid loves it. The book is pretty simple and works its way up slowly but my child found it engaging and requested to complete several pages each time.”

Kindergarten Math Workbook: Addition And Subtraction

Another tool for kindergarten prep and education, this helpful workbook provides a wide variety of activities to help your students learn in the classroom, from home, or stay sharp during breaks!

Real review: “The worksheets are easy enough to figure out and my pre kindergartener finds them challenging but doable.”

Star Wars Workbook: Kindergarten Math Skills

Star Wars fans will love this workbook that teaches kindergarten math skills with X-wings, clone troopers, wookies, Yoda, and more! The material is designed to align with Common Core standards and reinforce the concepts and lessons taught through schools.

Real review: “I bought it for my Upcoming VPK child and he is doing fantastic with it. He actually wants to sit and work because of the amazing visuals in it. Totally recommend!”

Kindergarten Jumbo Math Success Workbook

A combination of 3 books in one, this workbook includes over 320 colorful pages and the full content of Sylvan Learning’s Kindergarten Basic Math, Kindergarten Math Games & Puzzles, and Kindergarten Shapes & Geometry.

Real review: “This book has so much work for a child to do. We just started using but we love it, I recommend everyone to get this for their little ones if they want them ready for kindergarten. It is not even expensive.”

Kindergarten Math Workbook

Designed to give kids a head start and boost confidence, this workbook contains a wide array of math activities that start with number recognition and work all the way up to counting money and telling time! The pages are formatted to allow plenty of space for writing and learning alongside the artfully created pages that will keep your child engaged and inspired.

Real teacher review: “This workbook is amazing. We are getting my godson ready for kindergarten and we want him to be ahead of the game and this workbook is great.”

Math Readiness Workbook

With activity pages that focus on addition, subtraction, counting money, telling time, and more, students will learn through clear examples, instructions, and goals that align with NCTM and Common Core standards. Don’t forget the award certificate at the end!

Real review: “We used this over the summer to help my child prepare for the next grade. We love that we could instruct and he was able to learn quickly and increase his knowledge. He liked the bright colors and pictures as well.”

Spectrum Math Workbook

This incredible 96-page workbook includes five separate chapters that use progressive practice, math in everyday settings, and chapter-tests to monitor progress. Designed with state standards in mind, students will work through activities from learning to count to geometry in this excellent resource.

Real review: “Fantastic workbook! Love the learning progression. It makes it easy for our child to learn mathematical skills. She is going to be way ahead when she starts school!”

Best Reading Kindergarten Workbooks

A Magical Sight Words and Phonics Activity Workbook

Featuring over 40 sight words, this workbook features magical creatures including unicorns, mermaids, and dinosaurs, to help kids learn new words!

Real review: “It has been perfect for my almost four year old who is just learning to read. The pages are simple and easy to understand and have spots to learn to read the word, write the word, and use the word in a sentence.”

 180 Days of Reading: Grade K

Want 180 days worth of practice activities that are designed to build and gauge students’ reading ability, comprehension, and word skills? This workbook contains nearly 250 pages of diagnostic-based activities, data-driven assessment tips, and a Teacher Resource CD.

Real review: “This book has really helped my son learn to read. He works on a few pages each day and it has really increased his vocabulary. This one of the other 2 series that I have purchased and I’m glad I came across these books!”

Phonics for Kindergarten

Updated with fun, colorful pages and engaging art, this workbook is filled with 64 pages of age-appropriate activities, puzzles, and games. Skills covered include beginning consonant sounds, short vowel sounds, sight word recognition, and more. An incentive chart and 140 full-color stickers are also included to help parents or teachers track student progress.

Real teacher review: “As a former preschool, kindergarten and elementary teacher, and reading consultant to high need schools, I recommend this phonics workbook for enrichment for children to do during the summer.”

100 Write-and-Learn Sight Word Practice Pages

Encourage students to learn 100 sight words from the Dolch Word List. In no time, kids will be reading more fluently, writing with greater ease, and spelling more accurately! Activities include tracing, copying, cut and paste, and writing.

Real teacher review: “As a 15+ years of experience teaching K-2 and a mom who homeschooled my youngest, this is an excellent resource for children learning sight words.”

Reading Comprehension Grade K

Teachers and parents alike will appreciate how effectively this reading comprehension workbook will help students master skills in the language arts. The activities within the book provide a great opportunity for independent work, homework assignments, and extra practice to get ahead.

Real review: “It is a very good workbook for beginning readers, but I wish that the worksheets got harder as you progress towards the end of the book. I will buy the first grade edition.”

My Sight Words Workbook

Guide students as they learn 101 of the top sight words, increasing their reading speed and comprehension. Exercises start with kids saying each word, tracing it, writing it, and using it in a sentence while also providing puzzles and games to provide reinforcement!

Real teacher review: “As a retired teacher…I found this book to be very helpful to use as review activities. My favorite part is that each word is introduced with tracing and writing.”

Learn to Read Activity Book

Keeping kids entertained as they learn to read is essential, and this activity book will get students excited through 101 fun and colorful exercises developed by an experienced primary school teacher. Lessons include tracing, coloring, mazes, word searches, and other fun activities.

Real review: “The lessons are incredibly easy to follow and the perfect length for my toddler’s attention span. Sometimes we do only one lesson that takes about 10 minutes, sometimes two or three lessons.”

Kindergarten Reading Readiness Workbook

Full of vibrant, colorful pages featuring games and puzzles, Kindergarten Reading Readiness Workbook is a 128-page resource for helping your kindergartners create a foundation of the good reading skills necessary for success in the future. Activities will facilitate a new reader’s ability to recognize and understand basic words and text by focusing on letters, consonant and vowel sounds, beginning and ending word sounds, rhyming sounds, sight words, and more!

Real review: “I bought this as a supplement book because I homeschool my children. This book is amazing and everything I want in an educational tool for my loves.”

Spectrum Paperback Reading Workbook, Grade K

Featuring individual lessons that deal with an illustrated story and exercises in comprehension, this workbook from trusted brand Spectrum is a great tool for kindergarten teachers to provide learning and practice with letters and sounds, word recognition, theme, story structure, summarization, and key ideas. The quality educational materials will support the learning and success of your students through a variety of fiction and non-fiction reading passages based on learning standards. A complete answer key is included.

Real review: “I like the way it’s laid out and the progression is fast enough to keep her interested and slow enough that she gets the concepts.”

DK Workbooks: Language Arts, Kindergarten: Learn and Explore

Perfect for five- to six-year-olds, exercises include upper and lower case letters, syllables, plurals, simple punctuation, and other language arts fundamentals. The activities in this workbook were developed in consultation with leading educational experts to strengthen learning and help students understand key aspects of language. An instructors’ section includes answers, tips, and guidance along with a certificate of achievement when the workbook is completed.

Real teacher review: “I am a teacher and currently homeschooling a 2nd grader, I use the DK workbooks often, they always cover more in any topic on one worksheet than any other workbook I’ve purchased.”

Best Handwriting & Writing Kindergarten Workbooks

The Print Handwriting Workbook for Kids

The Print Handwriting Workbook for Kids is full of great exercises to help students learn to print. Easy-to-follow guides feature numbered arrows that indicate stroke order and direction along with illustrated pages full of jokes that make learning to print educational, entertaining, and fun.

Real review: “The kids like the jokes in this book. It makes it a bit more desirable to practice handwriting.”

Handwriting: Printing

This workbook from Brighter Child will help students master legible writing. Practices include lowercase and uppercase letters, words, sentences, and more. Handwriting: Printing is packed with plenty of fun activities that help keep students engaged in the activity as they work on their ability to write!

Real review: “Great workbook but make sure to make COPIES before using it because there’s only one sheet for each letter.”

Trace Letters Of The Alphabet and Sight Words

Featuring a series of essential letter drills, this workbook will help students with letter recognition as they work to learn letters of the alphabet and improve their handwriting skills. Coupled with exercises that practice letter sounds and sight words, this tracing book is a must-have!

Real teacher review: “As a retired 5th grade teacher, we weren’t required to teach handwriting because it’s typically taught in 2nd through 4th grades. However, we had to take time out of our curriculum to teach it because the students were busy learning computer skills … We purchased these books and taught it ourselves.”

Kindergarten Letters, Words & Sentences Writing Workbook

This workbook will move your students through three separate sections beginning with letters, followed by writing key sight words and completing full sentences. Kindergarten Letters, Words & Sentences includes over 100 pages of writing practice to help students build up their writing skills and confidence at the same time.

Real review: “Very pleased with this workbook. Everything is clear and well laid out. My daughter is going through the parts and her writing is progressing really well.”

Star Wars Workbook: Kindergarten Writing and ABCs

Kids love the magical Star Wars universe, and this writing and ABCs workbook from the editors of the Brain Quest series will undoubtedly get your students excited about working on their handwriting. Featuring a wide array of Star Wars characters and material that helps reinforce the fundamentals of writing, this book will bring the force to your classroom.

Real review: “Seriously! I mean seriously! Just get it! It’s great and my son loves it.”

180 Days of Writing for Kindergarten

This easy-to-use resource takes the guesswork out of planning lessons for kindergarten students. With 180 days of inspiration, young kids can strengthen their language and grammar skills by practicing writing opinion, informative/explanatory, and narrative pieces.

Real teacher review: “I’m a teacher and love this book. I had a few students that struggled with writing this book was a great motivator for my kids. It starts very basic and it slowly challenges students.”

Write-On Wipe-Off Let’s Write Words

This kindergarten workbook provides a combination of tracing and writing activities with a variety of puzzles to help build vocabulary and stimulate the drive to learn more about writing! Students can use this book to start learning common sight words, all on a convenient to use write-on, wipe-off book that allows for multiple uses.

Real review: “Our kindergartener who already knows his alphabets loves this workbook and was excited to do the activities. We love that you can trace and erase and use over and over again.”

Handwriting Without Tears: Kick Start Kindergarten

Using fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate methods, this workbook introduces kindergarten students to capitals and lowercase letters, helping them master handwriting. Early competence in handwriting is more likely to lead students to success in school, and this workbook will get them on their way!

Real review: “[This workbook] should totally be integrated into the school system! We are using this as a support product to reinforce other learning, but this product definitely leads to fewer tears.”

Science & Social Studies

DK Workbooks: Science, Kindergarten: Learn and Explore

A great choice for kindergarteners, this workbook contains curriculum-aligned exercises based on the fundamentals of science in a way that will resonate with young learners. Featuring sections on weather, comparing objects, animal and plant life cycles, and more, this workbook developed in consultation with curriculum experts is an excellent choice for introducing science into the classroom.

Real review: “My 4 year old is homeschooled and we started Kindergarten early. This book is amazing for her.”

Human Body Activity Book for Kids

The human body is fascinating, and students will love learning about it with The Human Body Activity Book for Kids

Real review: “I bought this book to use for homeschooling my 7 year old daughter. This book so far has exceeded my expectations. This is our favorite book to learn from and it’s even teaching me a few things! We love this book!”

180 Days of Science: Grade K – Daily Science Workbook

Aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as well as state standards, this useful kindergarten workbook will cover a new topic each week from either life science, physical science, or Earth and space science.

Real review: “I use these 180 Days workbooks to homeschool my daughter. She is very receptive to the way the work is laid out, and learns very well from it. We will definitely be using these workbooks in the coming years!”

DK Workbooks: Geography, Kindergarten: Learn and Explore

Each workbook is full of activities and challenges that provide beneficial repetition and cumulative learning. Topics include map reading, compass directions, continents, countries, states, borders, bodies of water, and more.

Real review: “I got this because my kindergartener (homeschooled) has really shown an interest in maps, and now he’s learning how they work. He LOVES geography.”

Skill Sharpeners Science Grade K

Based on Next Generation Science Standards, along with state standard guidelines, this workbook focuses on important physical, life, and Earth science concepts. Skill Sharpeners Science Grade K utilizes songs, rhymes, hands-on activities, fabulous photography and engaging illustrations to bring essential science concepts to life in a way that will resonate with students.

Real review: “We loved the skill sharpeners Geography so much that we had to try the science. Schemes are great as well!”

180 Days of Social Studies: Grade K – Daily Geography Workbook

What’s better than one week of lessons? 180 days of daily geography lessons! Structured to align with both state and National Geography standards, this companion will help develop map and spatial skills.

Real review: “This is a very thorough but small step-by-step book that will help your child with spatial awareness, describing what’s in a picture, understanding location, and symbols.”

Best Kindergarten Workbooks for Summer

Kindergarten Big Fun Workbook

Developed with education experts and aligned with school standards, the 250+ pages of activities and education in this book will help bridge the summer gap following kindergarten and help make sure your students stay ready for 1st grade.

Real review: “Great book for your toddler! My 3.5 hasn’t put this book down, he loves going over the ABC’s, numbers, colors, shapes and all the fun games! This makes him think while having fun.”

Summer Brain Quest: Between Grades K & 1

This Common Core-aligned workbook focuses on math, literacy, map skills, seasons, and more. Students can track their progress with stickers they put on a learning roadmap.

Real review: “The activities are fun, and they keep track of progress using a fold out map and stickers when they complete an activity. Quick, fun, and helps avoid completely disconnecting from learning during the summer.”

Summer Bridge Activities – Grades K – 1

Tthis award-winning kindergarten workbook focuses on all subjects. In just 15 minutes a day, students can get ready for the next school year.

Real teacher review: “I got this for my soon to be 1st grader right before her kindergarten graduation so we could be absolutely ready for summer. I can honestly say with the book I have seen tremendous growth in her over the summer!”

Summer Express (Between Grades K & 1)

Features engaging activities and more than 100 curriculum-based pages arranged in a progressive, 10-week format. This colorful kindergarten workbook focuses on vocabulary, reading, writing, phonics, grammar, math, and more.

Real teacher review: “From a teacher’s perspective, this is a great review of what students learn through the school year. The pages are very easy to understand and also easy for the students to accomplish independently.”

Kindergarten Thinking and Reasoning

Combines age-appropriate activities like tracing and writing with puzzles and more.

Real review: “This workbook is fun and educational! It teaches concepts such as logic, comparisons, cause and effect, and more via enjoyable puzzles and activities.”

School Zone – Kindergarten Super Scholar Workbook

With over 100 activity pages, this collection of activities boosts early language arts, math, science, and social studies skills. Additional topics include ABCs, numbers, story order, matching, and rhyming.

Real review: “School zone books have been my daughter’s favorites. I bought her 3 or 4 with PreK content books, one with about 200 pages and she finished it in one week. This Kindergarten book is very good as well, keeps her busy.”

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40 Teacher-Approved Kindergarten Workbooks