12 Best Book Fair Companies for Schools To Consider

Books for kids, rewards for schools … it’s a win-win!

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Book fairs are always an exciting time for schools. Kids get the chance to browse a selection of books, choosing and buying some new reads of their very own. These events can also be terrific fundraisers for schools, since book fair companies give schools a percentage of the profits in cash or book rewards.

How To Choose a School Book Fair Company

When it comes to choosing a book fair company, schools have multiple options. There are several well-known national book fair companies for schools, but regional or local bookshops may also be willing to team up with schools to create a customized book fair. Plus, many schools now opt for virtual book fairs, allowing families and the community to make purchases online to support their school district.

With all these choices, it can be hard to know what to choose. Here are a few questions to consider when evaluating school book fair companies:

  • What books does this company offer? Can you customize the selections, and how big is the catalog you can choose from? Will students be able to find diverse books and quality reads?
  • How is the book fair run? Is there a virtual option? If it’s in-person, are schools responsible for setup, or will the company handle the details? Do you need school staff or family volunteers to run the sale?
  • What rewards can schools and students receive? Some companies reward schools with a cut of the profits in cash, while others give you the choice to receive books for classrooms or libraries instead.
  • How is the money handled? Will students pay in cash? Can families purchase gift cards or certificates in advance for their kids to use?
  • Is there a minimum purchase amount required? Some companies will only set up a sale on-site or issue rewards if you meet minimum purchase amounts, such as $500 or $2,000.

With these questions in mind, here are our top picks for school book fair companies, along with some more good options to consider.

Literati: Best New Book Fair Company for Schools

This book fair company has been making waves in recent years, with more and more schools choosing them over their more well-known top competitor. Literati aims to make book fairs easier with fast setup (just open the carts, lay out the tabletop displays, and you’re done) and both in-person and online shopping. They also provide all the marketing materials you need, making it simpler to get the word out about your fair.


Unlike some other book fairs, Literati puts the focus on books, not toys and other gimmicks. They do offer a small selection of stationery supplies, like notebooks, pencils, and erasers. But many schools choose Literati specifically because they truly make books the focal point of the event. Their diverse selection is tailored heavily toward your chosen age or grade levels, with lots of reasonably priced paperback options.

Payment options: Literati uses Square register systems. Students can pay using a variety of methods, including book fair gift cards, and you can also invite your community to support the fair by shopping online. Plus, Literati offers school employees and book fair volunteers 20% off their purchases.

School rewards: Schools can choose to receive cash, free books, credit for the Follet Titlewave catalog, or a mix of all three. Reviewers note that the Follet Titlewave catalog has a huge selection of titles, including offerings in Spanish.

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Scholastic: Biggest Name in School Book Fair Companies

Children browsing at a Scholastic school book fair
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For many years, Scholastic has been the biggest (and often only) name in book fairs. They’ve got the system down to a science, offering simple setup, multiple payment options, and generous rewards for schools. Scholastic book fairs offer choices from their own big catalog of books, which includes popular series like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Baby-Sitters Club. They help schools with marketing and publicity and have a reputation many have come to trust.

That being said, Scholastic has taken some hits in recent years. Many schools and parents complain that they offer too many toys and non-book related trinkets, distracting kids from the purpose of a book fair: the books. And in 2023, the company caused a kerfuffle by announcing that schools would have to “opt-in” for “diversity books.” They later reversed this decision, but some school communities had already decided to look for a new book fair company.

Payment options: Scholastic provides registers so schools can accept cash or credit. Plus families can set up an e-wallet in advance so kids can shop without needing to worry about handling money. Fairs also include an online shopping option for families and the community. Teachers receive a coupon for $5 off a purchase of $20 or more.

School rewards: Schools can earn a percentage of the sales in cash, or opt for Scholastic Dollars instead. You can use these dollars for items in the Scholastic Dollars catalog, which includes books, library and classroom supplies, and more.

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Barnes & Noble: Best Book Fair Company for Community Involvement

Setup at a Barnes and Noble school book fair
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Barnes & Noble brings brand recognition to your school book fair, plus they make it easy to get the wider community involved in supporting their schools. B&N hosts your book fair in your local store as well as online. Their staff handles setup, sales, and accounting, sending the profits to you.

A big part of a B&N book fair is the in-store events, which they’ll help you coordinate. This could include story time, poetry readings, scavenger hunts, performances by school groups, and anything else you can dream up. Schools advertise the book fair events in advance, providing supporters with a voucher that shows their purchases are in support of your fair.

People can also use this voucher to shop online up to five days after the sale to support your school, allowing far-away family and friends the chance to participate. Plus, schools can set up wish lists, encouraging shoppers to buy specific books to donate to your school. One downside of this type of book fair is that it doesn’t take place at school, making it harder for some students and families to participate. It makes for a unique and interesting fundraiser, though.

Payment options: Barnes & Noble handles all the sales in-store and online, accepting cash (in-store only), credit cards, and B&N gift cards.

School rewards: Schools who meet the store’s minimum sales requirement can choose between a Barnes & Noble gift card or cash rewards.

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Barefoot Books: Best Book Fairs for Preschool

What better time to introduce kids to the joy of shopping for books than preschool? Families and children can choose new reads together at a Barefoot Books book fair, with selections tailored especially toward little ones. Their curated selection of picture books for ages 3 to 7 includes choices that support early education and social-emotional learning, honor diversity in all its forms, and celebrate kindness and creative play.

Schools can choose from a few options: a traditional book fair, an online-only book fair, or an online fair supported by a “Book Fair in a Box.” With this last option, Barefoot Books sends you a box of books you can display at your school. Kids and families can look these books over, then order them online if they like. You send them back at the end, or sell them directly to make a little extra money for your school.

In-person traditional book fairs are challenging, unless there’s already a Community Bookseller in your area who’d be willing to run your fair. Schools choose inventory to order and display at their location, paying costs up front. They also choose their own payment methods and handle all sales and accounting. Given these challenges, the online-only or Book Fair in a Box options are probably the best choice for most organizations.

Payment options: If you run an in-person sale, you can choose your own payment options. Online sales are through the Barefoot Books website and require a credit card.

School rewards: Schools earn 20% of every qualified online purchase in Barefoot Bucks, which can be spent on Barefoot’s shopping website. There’s no limit to how much (or little) you earn, and you’ll be notified each time new rewards are added to your account.

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BookFair.org: Best Virtual-Only Book Fair Company for Schools

School fundraising page on bookfair.org
Fundraising Page on BookFair.org

When you want to raise funds or earn new books for your school without all the hassle of an in-person fair, virtual options can be ideal. BookFair.org is an online-only book fair company that offers a huge array of book selections for all ages.

To participate, schools sign up, then create their own book fair landing page on the website. You can customize this page to include recommendations from teachers, news about your sale, and more. Then, schools share the specific URL link to students, families, and the community. Anytime someone buys books through your link, your school earns money. Schools and teachers can also set up wish lists, so supporters can buy books for classrooms and school libraries.

BookFair.org’s virtual fairs can run all year long, making this an easy way for schools to raise money. All schools need to do is ensure they get the word out, promoting their fair and encouraging people to shop online through their URL. As with other virtual fair options, the downside is that students don’t get to participate in an in-person book-browsing experience. If you’re looking for an easy fundraiser option, though, this is the way to go.

Payment options: All purchases are made through BookFair.org’s website and require a credit card.

School rewards: During active book fair promotional events, which can be set up for a time of your school’s choosing, schools receive 25% of every book purchase. At all other times, schools earn 15% of book purchases. Schools receive their rewards via check or in-store credit (which also includes a coupon for 20% off purchases).

Learn more: BookFair.org Book Fairs

More School Book Fair Companies to Consider

These book fair companies have fewer online reviews and information available, so you may want to ask other educators about their experiences with them. Some are regional, offering their book fairs only in certain areas. Visit their websites to learn more.

Anderson’s Bookfair Company

Based out of Illinois, this company offers virtual book fairs for schools. They also coordinate author visits and offer autographed books.

Bedford Falls Book Fairs

In the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, and Virginia, Bedford Falls is a well-known school book fair company. Their in-person book fairs include setup and breakdown services, and they have lots of tools to help make your fair a success.

Love My Library

Designed especially for librarians, Love My Library book fairs don’t require any volunteers, contracts, or minimum purchases. Librarians can customize the titles offered at these online fairs.

PaperPie Book Fairs

Schools earn free books or cash based on the type of fair they host. A virtual fair can remain open for up to six months, providing an easy year-round fundraiser. Book selection is limited to Usborne and Kane Miller books.

Phoenix Book Company Book Fairs

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, this company hosts in-person local fairs that include setup and take-down and discounted book prices (which include tax and are set at even dollar amounts, making things easier for kids). Schools earn 20% of the net sales too.

The Reading Warehouse Bargain Book Fair

Want to host a bargain book sale? This company has two options: book fair in a box, where schools purchase highly discounted books up front and then sell them to students at their own chosen markup; or a traditional book fair setup. (The second option requires at least $2,000 in sales.) Most books cost from $3 to $6.

Spark Book Fairs

If you’re looking for a virtual book fair that offers books for all ages (including young adults and adults), take a look at Spark. Schools earn 20% cash back on every sale.

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