32 Picture-Perfect Gifts for Art Teachers

Fabulous gift ideas by any sketch of the imagination.

Examples of gifts for art teachers including an pin and music dice.
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Have you ever done an art project with a single child? Think about the planning, supplies, and cleanup involved. (Exhausted just thinking about it? Same.) Now multiply that by 200 every weekday for nine months out of the year. You now have an inkling of what it’s like to be an art teacher. That’s why when it’s time for giving gifts, an art teacher definitely deserves something.

Looking to show an art teacher how much they mean to you? We’ve put together a list of gifts to get your (and their) creative juices flowing. We have gifts to fit every budget and every art teacher, whether they’re more Rembrandt or more Murakami.

Quick tip: Check your school’s gift policy before giving; some prohibit homemade treats and/or gifts over a certain monetary value.

1. Thank-you note

Gifts for Art Teachers: Pantone postcards

Any teacher loves to hear they’ve made a difference, and for many students, the art room is their escape. Consider writing a thank-you note on one of these Pantone postcards, then gift them the rest of the box (or keep it for yourself—we won’t judge).

Buy it: Pantone Postcards at Amazon

2. Amazon eGift card or other gift card

Gifts for Art Teachers: Amazon gift card

Gift cards may seem impersonal, but there’s no better way to ensure your favorite art teacher gets what they really want (and trust us—they definitely have preferences on art supplies).

Buy it: Amazon e-Gift Card at Amazon; Target Gift Card at Target; or a gift certificate to your local art supply store

3. Personalize a Giant Hoodie

Giant hoodie paper airplane
Giant Hoodies

Whether or not the art room is freezing at their school, any art teacher will love these super-soft, giant hoodies. Better yet, customize it with an inside joke, an art-related pun, or their monogram.

Buy it: Giant Hoodie at Giant Hoodies

4. It’s a Good Day To Make Some Art shirt

Gifts for Art Teachers: t-shirt

You can’t go wrong with this message. Available in a variety of colors and styles, this is bound to be an art teacher’s jeans-day go-to pairing.

Buy it: T-shirt at Etsy

5. Wooden paintbrush holder

Gifts for art teachers: personalized brush holder

Upgrade your artist from their rusty coffee can to this gorgeous paintbrush holder. Whether they use it in the classroom or at home, it’s functional and stylish. (Bonus: You can get it personalized!)

Buy it: Wooden Paintbrush Holder at Etsy

6. Artist apron

Gifts for Art Teachers: artist apron

This artist apron comes with rave reviews, a sturdy canvas material, and best of all, so many pockets! No more scrambling for a pencil, an eraser, their phone, a ruler, etc. (And maybe we’ve been in the classroom too long, but wouldn’t this denim one be fun to embroider or put patches on?)

Buy it: Apron at Amazon

7. MoMA artist quote tote

Tote bag as example of art teacher gifts
MoMa Design Store

These totes are fun, colorful, and only 10 bucks! Use it instead of wrapping paper for another gift, or give it on its own.

Buy it: MoMA tote at MoMA Design Store

8. Interactive color wheel key chain

Gifts for Art Teachers: interactive color wheel keychain
The Gray Muse

We’re a little obsessed with this one. This color wheel key chain is interactive, showing each color’s complementary, analogous, and triadic colors as it rotates.

Buy it: Color Wheel Key Chain at The Gray Muse (also available as a pin!)

9. This relatable “Not Paint Water” pin

Gifts for Art Teachers: Not Paint Water enamel pin
The Gray Muse

The age-old question: Is it brown paint water or coffee? This adorable pin would be a perfect accessory on an apron, denim jacket, or on its own.

Buy it: Not Paint Water pin at The Gray Muse

10. Temporary art tattoos

Gifts for Art Teachers: art tattoos image 2
Gifts for Art Teachers: art tattoos image 3

This isn’t your average tattoo—or even temporary tattoo—company. Tattly’s designs come from professional artists who get a cut of every sale. Supporting artists without having to commit to a long-term tattoo? Ink us up.

Buy it: Stitched Bouquet and Tiger tattoos at Tattly

11. Art Heals bracelet

Gifts for Art Teachers: art heals bracelet

Any artist understands this sentiment, but if this isn’t quite the right message for your gift, the shop owner is happy to take personalized requests!

Buy it: Bracelet at Etsy

12. Triangle wall mounts

Wooden triangle wall mounts

Though they’re marketed as vinyl album displays, these triangle wall mounts can definitely be used for displaying art at home or at school.

Buy it: Triangle Wall Mounts at Amazon

13. Cards designed by Native artists

The Postcard Maven

Looking for a meaningful gift that gives back to a community of artists? Whether you give an art teacher a set of cards or use one to write a note, you’ll be helping to support an Indigenous artist through publisher Native Northwest. This postcard was designed by Joshua Mangeshig Pawis-Steckley, an Ojibwe Woodland artist from Barrie, Ontario, and a member of Wasauksing First Nation.

Buy it: Woodland Animals Postcard at The Postcard Maven

14. A giant box of snacks

Snack box

Give the gift of restocking their snack drawer! This assortment has a solid mix of healthy, decadent, salty, sweet, crunchy, and chewy snacks for whatever mood strikes between classes.

Buy it: Snack box at Amazon

15. Artsy Cats puzzle

Gifts for Art Teachers: cat artist puzzle

Mudpuppy is the gold standard in jigsaw puzzles. Cute and whimsical, this puzzle showcases cats from modern art masters … I mean, meow-sters.

Buy it: Cat puzzle at Amazon

16. Personalized wheel-thrown mug

Gifts for Art Teachers: personalized mug

This cozy mug is handmade, beautiful, and supports an independent artist. If you’re looking for something a little smaller, their jewelry dishes are fabulous too.

Buy it: ArtByBossa Mug at Etsy

17. Travel coffee or tea tumbler

Corksicle mug

Need something more travel-friendly for your favorite art teacher’s hot beverage? These Corkcicle mugs are stylish, come in a variety of colors and designs, and are *shouts into megaphone* DISHWASHER-SAFE!

Buy it: Corkcicle Triple-Insulated Coffee Mug at Amazon

18. LEGO Starry Night (group gift)

Gifts for Art Teachers: LEGO starry night

Looking for art teacher gifts from the entire class? For the playful art teacher, consider this awe-inspiring LEGO art set. We love how the painting pops out toward the tiny LEGO Van Gogh!

Buy it: LEGO Starry Night at Amazon

19. Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

Powerbeats Pro Wireless headphones

Whether it’s a podcast, audiobook, or playlist, every artist needs background inspiration. The ear clip on these earbuds means they won’t fall into wet clay, a sink full of brushes, or the dreaded paint-water cup.

Buy it: Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds at Amazon

20. A tiny travel palette

Gifts for Art Teachers: mini travel palette

Miniature is always better. This tiny travel palette has the five colors needed to create any miniature masterpiece on the go. Pair it with a miniature watercolor sketchbook!

Buy it: Portable Palette at Amazon

21. A great coffee table book

Gray Malin photography book

Coffee table books are having a moment as decor. And they’re even better when they’re great reads too. This book featuring work from Gray Malin’s first decade of photography is whimsical and inspiring.

Buy it: Gray Malin: The Essential Collection at Amazon

22. Gift wrap set


Take care of their gift-wrapping needs for the foreseeable future! One of the best gifts I ever got as a teacher was a set of wrapping paper, nice scissors (yes, there are nice ones), tape, and pretty ribbons and gift tags. I didn’t have to worry about wrapping at all that holiday season—or the next year!

Buy it: Terrazzo gift wrap at Amazon

23. Art museum membership

People looking at paintings in a museum

See if your local art museum has the option to gift memberships to others. Even better if you can bundle it with other museums (science, history, etc.) and treat them to their pick of weekend and summer trips.

24. Don’t Drink the Paint Water sticker

Gifts for art teachers: paint water sticker

This vintage tattoo–style sticker is perfect to pair with a water bottle or travel tumbler.

Buy it: Sticker at Etsy

25. Pressed-flower paint palette

Gifts for Art Teachers: pressed floral palette

These gorgeous pressed-flower palettes are made to order with your choice of primary and secondary flower colors.

Buy it: Floral palette at Etsy

26. This delightful book


A fun addition to any coffee table or bookshelf, Maira Kalman’s Women Holding Things explores the significance of the things women carry—both concrete (balloons, a mug, a baby) and abstract (dreams, regret, burdens). It’s whimsical, interesting, and colorful, just like your favorite art teacher.

Buy it: Women Holding Things at Amazon

27. Bullet journal


If you think art teachers only like sketchbooks, think again! Bullet journals can be a canvas for all kinds of creative endeavors—just check out our examples!

Buy it: Paperage Bullet Journal at Amazon

28. The Creative Act by Rick Rubin


Art teachers are often so invested in helping students hone their creativity that they don’t have the time or energy to develop their own craft. A 2023 bestseller, renowned music producer Rick Rubin’s The Creative Act is helping artists worldwide reconnect with their creativity in new and inspiring ways.

Buy it: The Creative Act at Amazon

29. Stock their classroom library


Art teachers are often left out of book drives and efforts to stock classroom libraries. Not anymore! This book is great for answering the constant “How do I draw ___?” It’ll be flying off their shelves in no time.

Buy it: How To Draw Cool Stuff at Amazon

30. Great coffee (that happens to be beautifully designed!)


If you know your teacher is a coffee lover, treat them to a set of coffee that’s as beautiful as it is delicious! These eight flavors from around the world come with postcards from their home countries.

Buy it: Atlas Coffee Club Sampler at Amazon

31. Art dice


A great addition to any home (or classroom!) these art dice will bring out anyone’s inner artist … and maybe even lead to their next masterpiece! (Incidentally, they are also a great solution for the dreaded “What should I draw?” question.)

Buy it: Art Dice at Amazon

32. Artist palette and paintbrush cup earrings


Not all teacher jewelry is created equal. We love the detail of these adorable earrings—the flower in the cup, the paint colors, the gold trim. (Not to mention, this pair is easy on the wallet.)

Buy it: Artist earrings at Amazon

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