8 Teacher T-Shirts Perfect for Casual Fridays

Casually show your love for what you do!

teacher t-shirts

When we’re geeking out over punctation, graphing, or our latest favorite read-aloud, our students know were nerds for teaching. So why not wear your passion on your sleeve? We’ve rounded up a few funny and punny teacher t-shirts that you can break out for casual Friday.

Funny teacher t-shirts also make great icebreakers for the first day of school. Let us know which ones you love and share any other favorites in the comments.

1. For your IT person

Find it here.


2. For science teachers

Find it here.


3. For social studies teachers

GW independent v1
Find it here.


4. For math teachers

Find it here.


5. For ELA teachers

Find it here.


6. For librarians
this is how i roll

Find it here.


7. For your teacher BFF
live love teach

Find it here.


8. For yourself
coffee teach repeat

Find it here.

T-shirts for teachers pin

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