5 Valentine Crafts and Activities You’ll Want to Try Right Now

Sweet learning ideas!

Below are five educational activities for your students to have fun with at your class Valentine Party!


1. Warm Fuzzy Combinations

This Valentine’s Day lesson is all about color combinations and probability. First, have students create their very own warm fuzzy pet! All you need are cotton pom pom balls, paper cut out hearts, googly eyes, and glue. (To go along with the probability activity, you will need red, pink, and purple pom pom balls, as well as red, pink, and purple cut out hearts.)


First, have students glue the colored puff ball on top of the paper heart. Next they glue the googly eyes. Then they construct their pet, have students fill out a warm fuzzy birth certificate!

After students have officially adopted their pet, tell them to take a look around the room at all the different combinations! Have them make a prediction about how many different color combinations of warm fuzzies there can be using the colors red, pink, and purple.

After they have made a prediction, pass out red, pink, and purple crayons to each student. Click here for a printable sheet to help students figure out the different color combos (save to desktop and print). Was their prediction correct?! Point out that they just made a multiplication array! Have them count the rows and columns of warm fuzzies they colored in. They should have 3 rows and 3 columns of warm fuzzies colored, giving them the answer of 9! There are 9 different color combinations!


2. Mystery Heart Messages

Students write secret messages on white cardstock hearts with white crayons. They pass out their hearts. Peers use watercolor to decipher the mystery message.


3. Tape Resist Heart: Measuring Project


– painter’s tape
– ruler (inches)
– tempera, acrylic, or water color paint (or other medium: crayons, markers, etc.)
– paint brushes
– thick cardstock paper
– pen
Students explore measuring, while creating a colorful heart. They tear different lengths of tape and place it on their paper (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal). After they place a single piece of tape, they measure it. Then, they write the measurement with pen on top of the tape. Once they’re finished taping and measuring, they add color! They can paint or color over the tape. Their measurement lines will stay intact. Just make sure students don’t paint over their recorded measurement, what they wrote with pen. After the paint dries, students carefully pull the tape off and write their measurement on their white line (see image).
Now, see if they can point out angles in their design. Can they find an acute, obtuse, or right angle? Have them examine their lines. Did they make any perpendicular or parallel lines?

Note: If you’re working with older students, have them measure their angles with a protractor.


4. Cupid’s Arrows

This fun Valentine’s day science activity comes from Smmart Ideas! All you need are straws and q-tips! To add math, have students estimate the distance they think they can shoot their “arrow.” Then, have them measure the actual distance. To incorporate geometry, have students try holding their straw at different angles. What angle shot the arrow the farthest distance? Visit Smmart Ideas for the science behind this experiment!


5. Candy Heart Brainstorming

Invite your students to come up with an original saying to have on a candy heart. What would they say? Students have to think about the actual size of a candy heart. Will their saying fit? Students record their ideas on sticky notes and stick them on the board. Then the class can take a vote on which saying they like the best.

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