These Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy Centers Are Too Cute

Plus they’re packed with learning, too.

Free Printable Valentine's Day Centers for the Classroom - Math & Literacy

In need of some last minute Valentine’s Day lesson ideas? These quick-and-easy Valentine’s Day centers to the rescue! Just submit your email here to receive the entire Valentine’s Day bundle, including everything you need to set up four math and four literacy centers.

These Valentine’s Day centers are designed for Grades 1–2, but they include accommodations and extensions for younger and older kids, too.

Here’s what you’ll find inside

Box of Friendly Chocolates

This activity encourages students to write compliments about one another on cute, candy-shaped cutouts. Post the compliments in a giant candy box to display!

Make Your Own Friendly Handshake

In this activity, students practice sequencing and communication by designing their own friendly handshake. 

Make a Love Bug for a Friend

For this activity, students interview a classmate to find out what kind of “love bug” they would like. Then, they make the love bug using the included cutouts—plus their own creativity.

Friendly Tic-Tac-Toe


Practice friendship-related vocabulary and spelling words with this friendly game of tic-tac-toe!

In My Heart Number Sentences

For this activity, students pour out a cup of counters and practice making number sentences with them.

Buddy Bingo

In this twist on the classic game, students work with a friend to roll dice, create number sentences, and cross out the answer on their Bingo boards.

Give Me Five

Invite students to roll a die, give that many high fives to a friend, and then work to find out how many fingers they gave total.

Quick-Peek Hearts

For this activity, students get a quick glimpse of a 10-frame or 100s chart, and have to identify how many hearts are there based on their numeracy skills.

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