30 Sugar-Free Treats for Halloween

Just as sweet!

If you’re looking for sugar-free Halloween treats, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of our favorite sugar-free treats for Halloween. Most of these aren’t even edible! They are perfect for Halloween parties and fall celebrations. And best of all, there’s no sugar crash! 

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1. Pumpkin pool noodles

Source: Premeditated Leftovers

We love the genius idea of making miniature pumpkins out of pool noodles. Here are some ideas from Premeditated Leftoverson how to make them educational. 

2. Halloween Play-Doh 

Source: One Krieger Chick

It’s the perfect treat. Even better, have your students help make it. Get the full instructions for this one from One Krieger Chick



3. Glow sticks 

Source: One Little Project

Halloween and glow sticks go hand in hand. There are plenty of options out there on cute ways to gift glow sticks. This one from One Little Project is one of our favorites.

4. Stamps 


For less than $1 each, these are a fun and affordable item to give as treats around Halloween. Get them on Amazon

5. Mustaches


Stick-on mustaches are always a crowd pleaser. You can go the traditional route of buying sticky mustaches or just print your own. Here’s a good deal we found: Get almost 50 for $8.

6. Bouncing Balls 

Bouncing Balls

Yes, you will be one of the most popular teachers ever. Get 100 bouncing balls for only $16

7. Slinkies 


Here’s another one that is a great deal in bulk. Go in with a teacher friend and share. They can buy the bouncing balls, and you get these. There are 48 in this pack for $13

8. Stickers

Source: Crafts by Amanda

If you have a tight budget, this is the one for you. Buy in bulk, cut out the stickers, and hand them out individually. If you get a good deal, you’ll be spending just a penny or two per treat! Here are some of our favorite stickers. You can also get great deals on seasonal ones at your local dollar store. The above example from Crafts by Amanda offers printable stickers. 

9. Sugar-free gum

Source: A New Ink on Life

Gum is pretty much universally outlawed in classrooms, but there’s always an exception to the rule—like a holiday party. You’ll definitely be popular if you hand out this treat. You can get fancy by stamping your own treats, like the one from A New Ink on Life pictured above. 

10. Tattoos

Kids and temporary tattoos go together like peanut butter and jelly. You can look for holiday-inspired tats, but honestly, they’ll love anything.

11. Kazoos

Source: Plucky MOMO

The most awesome thing about a kazoo is that anyone can play it. Put on the “Monster Mash” video, or another holiday classic from YouTube, and have your students hum along. We borrowed this idea from Plucky MOMO from Valentine’s Day, but you can easily create a Halloween version of your own. 

12. Stress balls

A package of balloons will go a long way with this treat. You can make the stress balls out of rice, beans, or flour. Try our stress balls recipe and decorating ideas, available on this blog

13. Flower seeds

Source: D and P Celebrations

Fall is a fabulous time to collect seeds from your favorite backyard plants. Put them in little envelopes and hand them out with instructions on how to plant them in the spring. You can also grab seed packets on clearance and then create seed balls, like the ones pictured above. 

14. Pumpkin seeds

You know all those pumpkin guts you just cleaned out? Well, they just became your Halloween treat. You can find several recipes out there for roasted pumpkin seeds. You can also turn them into a game for learning math, spelling, etc. Tic-tac-toe boards, anyone? 

15. Band-Aids

Talk about giving something kids can actually use! You can find dozens of cutesy, decorative bandages out there. And kids love them so much. Here are some of our favorites, including glitter bandages, crayon bandages, and space bandages

16. Pretzels

Source: Hip2Save

Before you roll your eyes at this oldie-but-goodie treat, consider spicing it up a bit—literally. For instance, a packet of ranch seasoning can go a long way in turning this treat from boring to popular. Here’s a recipe, if you’re interested. You can also make these adorable pretzel brooms. 

17. Coloring sheets

Source: The Suburban Mom

You can find all kinds of holiday coloring pages and games online that you can print off and stick in treat bags. If you want to take it a step further, add a few crayons. Not sure where to find these printables? Try this great site from Crayola or the above examples from The Suburban Mom

18. Pipe cleaners

Source: Bee Domestic

They offer simple joys and endless shapes. Just give each student a few pipe cleaners and challenge them to make up their own Halloween-inspired shapes. You can also try the spider tutorial from Bee Domestic

19. Flashlights

Source: Oriental Trading

This one is a little more expensive, but if you want to splurge, students will absolutely adore having their own miniature flashlight. They’ll also be perfect to take along on trick-or-treat night.

20. Lucky rocks

Create your own lucky rocks by painting basic rocks in a pretty orange or gold. You can also just follow the trend of painted rocks and make your own. Check out some of our favorites and learn how to make them in this article

21. Zombie spray

Source: Craft Your Happiness

Have you seen those little bottles of aromatherapy for kids, promising to give them sweet dreams or happy thoughts? Make your own concoction for your students. Then put the liquid in spray bottles and slap on a label. We suggest making a “zombie spray” to keep zombies away, but let your imagination be your guide.

22. Friendship bracelets


No, friendship bracelets didn’t die with the 1970s. Make your students bracelets. Just gather up the supplies for a fantastic fall art activity. Here’s a friendship bracelet tutorial to get you started. 

23. Whoopee cushions

Whoopee Cushions

Before you cringe, just think about how this could make you the most (in)famous teacher in the school. You can get these in bulk on Amazon. (Apologies in advance to the other teachers.)

24. Joke cards

Source:Bitz & Giggles

Scour the Internet or pick up a joke book from the library and create your own little joke cards to hand out, with the question on one side and the answer on the other. You can also find printables online, like these from Bitz & Giggles

25. Bubbles

Source: Tatertots & Jello

When it comes to kids, bubbles are always a good option. You might try adding a little bit of orange dye in your bubble solution to add to the fun. Or make it easy and just print off these labels from Tatertots & Jello

26. Pencils

Source: She’s Kinda Crafty

If there’s one thing students can’t have too many of, it’s pencils. You can find 10-packs of Halloween pencils in just about any store’s dollar section. If you’re feeling especially crafty, try this idea from She’s Kinda Crafty

27. Slime

Source: Little Bins for Little Hands

Who doesn’t like squishing slime? You can find oodles of slime recipes online. Make it with your students or just hand it out as a special surprise. Check out the recipe and idea from Little Bins for Little Hands

28. Fruit cups

This might be your easiest decorating idea ever. You’re welcome. 

23. Popcorn and goldfish

Source: 100 Directions

Here’s another one with simple decorations. All you need is a goodie bag and a Sharpie marker. 

29. Straws


This is another popular item that all kids love, yet you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can search for Halloween-themed straws on Amazon. We love these eco-friendly straws that come in at $12 for more than 100. 

30. Lip balm

Source:Thirty Handmade Days. 

Have you ever thought of making your own lip balm? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Create your own pumpkin spice or caramel apple flavor. Here’s a blogger who shows how easy it is to make. You can also get the labels pictured above from Thirty Handmade Days. 

What are your favorite Halloween treats to give to your students? Share your ideas in our WeAreTeachers Chat group on Facebook. 

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30 Sugar-Free Treats for Halloween