18 of the Cutest Sticker Sets for Teachers

Happy stickers for a happy classroom.

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You know that just seeing a sticker on a paper can brighten a student’s day! But stickers can make your life easier, too! From labeling and planning to just decorating and rewarding good work, there’s a sticker for every classroom situation. Here are some of our favorite teacher stickers. 

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1. Share your love of animals with your students. 

Cover sheet of 400 reusable stickers of baby animals.

Your students will definitely want to earn an animal sticker. Best of all, they are reusable, so students can stick them on their desk, their folders, and more. You’ll get 400 stickers in a nice book format. Psst, there’s also a dinosaur book


Get the book.

2. Spread the love of cacti. 

Assorted colorful cacti stickers.

Cacti are really popular right now, and these stickers will make great incentives for your students. They present plenty of plant and learning opportunities, too.


Get them now.

3. Never lose another classroom-library book again.

Sticker sheet saying "this belongs to Mrs. Taylor"

Do you like the idea of labeling your classroom-library books but don’t want to deal with a stamp to do so? Grab a roll of these stickers, and you’ll never have to stamp another book again. Choose from several iconic designs, including an atom, a pencil, and a book. Pick up a pack of 100.


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4. Spread the love all year with Dr. Seuss. 

Sheets of Dr. Suess stickers.

These stickers are always a favorite with students. Get more than 500 stickers in this book. You can also get pencil-topper stickers through this same link.



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5. Cheer on your students with these personalized little monsters. 

Personalized colorful monster sticker sheet.

Personalization matters to students. These stickers make those run-of-the-mill “good job” stickers look a little on the dull side. So go ahead and grab a few of these sheets! You get to personalize them when you place your order.


Get your monster stickers.

6. Reading stickers on a roll. 

Roll of stickers with affirmations about reading.

This set of reading stickers will keep your students motivated as they move up levels and gain confidence. You’ll get 1,000 stickers in this roll.


Get the stickers.

7. Pretty handwriting + French words of encouragement? Yes, please!

French words of encouragement sticker sheet.

If you teach French, you need these stickers. Written in the loveliest font, these stickers will inspire your students! Available on three types of sticker paper: blank, craft, and transparent. You’ll get 46 on a single sheet.


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8. Create your own custom Bitmoji sticker!

Custom bitmoji stickers sheet.

You can create these on your own or have someone else do it for you. It’s a good way to create your own avatar and share it with students. Each sheet is customizable with up to six different avatars. 


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9. Use stickers to get organized.

Sticker sheet of classroom organization stickers.

These stickers aren’t for your students; they are for you! Not only are these cute but they will help you keep your planner neat and tidy. No more chicken scratch or scribbled memos and reminders. Let these stickers do the work for you!


Get your planner stickers.

10. Make a statement with giant emoji stickers.

Giant emoji sticker sheet.

Show what you’re really feeling with these giant emoji stickers. With a two-inch diameter, these are some of the biggest reward stickers out there. Each set contains 10 rolls with 60 different designs.


Get your stickers. 

11. Take your gold-star game up a notch.

Sheet of gold star stickers.

If gold stars could earn gold stars, these definitely would. Big and glittery, these are the obvious choice when you need to reward awesome work. Get a set of 20.


Get your gold stars.

12. Get smaller emoji stickers for student papers. 

Sheet of emoji stickers.

These smaller emoji stickers are perfect for student work.


Get them here.

13. You’ll be all set with this sticker set.

Assorted sticker sheets.

It’s always nice to have a variety of reward stickers on hand, and this sticker set will have you more than covered. From superhero-themed stickers to emojis to fist bumps, this set has it all. Get 5,600 stickers in all.


Get your set.

14. The cutest stickers you’ve ever seen.

Stickers of colorful narwhals and unicorns.

Literally everything in this set has a smile. From coffee cups to cassette tapes to sunny-side up eggs (yes, even breakfast is cute) to narwhals. The entire sticker book has hundreds of stickers.


Get your happy stickers.

15. Stay groovy with these Pete the Cat stickers.

Pete the Cat sticker sheet.

It’s hard to find an elementary school–age child who doesn’t love Pete the Cat, right? Pop into any teacher supply store, and you’ll see Pete the Cat–themed calendars, borders, alphabet posters, etc. Carry on the theme with these groovy stickers. 


Get your groovy stickers.

16. You knew there was going to be a set of scratch-and-sniff stickers.

Sheets of scratch and sniff stickers.


Nothing says childhood quite like a scratch-and-sniff sticker! You can spread the joy to all of your students with a set of 480 scratch-and sniff stickers. From apple pie to bubblegum to chocolate, this set has it all.


Get your set.

17. Get puffy!

Sheet of puffy stickers.

These PVC-free puffy stickers are adorable. Hello, rainbow dog! This set contains 1500 stickers, so you’ll have plenty to go around.


Get your puffy stickers.

18. Don’t forget stickers for labeling cubbies!

Chalkboard stickers for labelling.

Keep your cubbies looking cute with these chalkboard stickers! Need to switch cubbies or desks? No problem! Just erase the student’s name and rewrite. No more trying to peel off stickers midyear. 


Get your stickers.

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18 of the cutest sticker sets for teachers.