You will be hard-pressed to find something that gets us here at WeAreTeachers as excited as teachers’ classroom reveals. These readied rooms are full of the possibilities of the new school year ahead. 

Members of the WeAreTeachers Helpline Facebook group and some of our favorite education bloggers have been sharing their organization and décor for the upcoming school year, and we are feeling the magic. 

There’s just something incredible about…

1. Organized book bins 

Classroom Reveal book bins

Credit: One Sharp Bunch

2. Labeled cubbies and shiny lunch bag tubs

cubbies and lunch buckets

Credit: Allison K., Michigan

3. Word walls just waiting to be filled 

word wall idea

Credit: Carlye A., Texas 

4. Table groupings organized by color 

color coordinated tables

Credit: Guera K., Texas 

5. Rainbow-like rows of coat racks and totes 


Credit: Elizabeth M., Ohio

6. Inspirational quotes on bulletin boards 

inspiring quote for classroom

Credit: Kasey M., Texas 

7. Teacher command centers, ready to rock 

teacher desk command center

Credit: Lauren P., Ohio

8. Creative classroom themes 

super hero theme

Credit: Melissa B., Indiana 

9. Cheery teacher name signage 

flower classroom theme

Credit: Alex G., Texas 

10. In-classroom lounge areas nicer than most living rooms…

lounge area

Credit: Kandace T., Alberta 

11. …and library corners making smart use of affordable seating

camping chairs in classroom

Credit: Adriane G., Texas 

12. Reading nooks and small group areas worthy of Architectural Digest 

storybook classroom

Credit: First and Kinder Blue Skies 

13. Classroom libraries that make reading feel like a party 

rainbow reading nook

Credit: Kindergarten Chaos

14. Everyday items used in amazingly awesome ways, like paper plates for letter signage and word walls…

paper plates

Credit: Read, Run, Teach

15. Dry-erase circles on tables… 

dry erase circles reading table

Credit: Christine Y., Connecticut 

16. …and carpet squares used to create customized classroom rugs


Credit: Chelsie L., Illinois 

18. Beautiful bulletin board papers that transform a classroom center 

sunny days classroom reveal

Credit: Sunny Days in Second Grade

19. Festive paper lanterns as ceiling hangs and table number art

pride and primary

Credit: Pride and Primary 

20. And our top reason we love classroom reveals: Imagining seats filled with students! 


Credit: One Sharp Bunch

Want to share your own classroom reveal for the new year? Join the WeAreTeachers Helpline Facebook group or leave a link to your blog below!