Senior year is wrapping up with prom, awards ceremonies, choosing colleges and, best of all, graduation! If your school is planning a Project Graduation, KUDOS! These all-night, alcohol- and drug-free celebrations for students leave a memorable and lasting impression for years to come.

Here are 11 fun, last-minute ideas for your Project Graduation night:

  • Karaoke Competition – Singers who garner the most applause win fun prizes.
  • Senior Screening – Screen the slideshow or a movie created from the students’ past year.
  • Food Bars – Setup several “food bar” stations around the venue and at different times. Think build-your-own: burritos, hamburgers, sundaes, cupcakes, omelets, waffles, etc.
  • Casino Games – Organize innocent casino games and have students play with Monopoly money for prizes.
  • Spa Corner – Offer manicures, chair massages and pedicures.
  • Graffiti Wall – Paper one wall in your venue and provide sharpies for students to decorate and write messages on it.
  • Door Prizes – Connect with local businesses to offer big prizes like smartphones and amusement park passes to raffle winners who attend.
  • Photo Booth – A fun backdrop (even a colorful sheet or banner) and outlandish props create a fun space for students to take pictures with one another. For props, think feather boas, jumbo sunglasses and fake mustaches.
  • Magic Man – Find a local magician to perform tricks and get students in on the act.
  • Yearbook Sign – Encourage students to bring their yearbooks and provide pens for them to sign one another’s throughout the night.
  • Wish Sail – Have seniors write a wish on a slip of paper and attach it to a giant flag. Fly it over the school for the next few weeks.


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