Easy Hands-On Activities Families Can Do At Home (Teacher Approved!)

There are so many ways to practice what you learn in school!

Hands-On Activities for Families

Whether or not schools are closing for the Coronavirus, it’s likely that U.S. kids will be spending a lot of time indoors in the next couple of months. With that in mind, we rounded up loads of hands-on activities for families to do together at home. Share this with everyone you know who might need it!

1. Try out these fun sensory tables

Preschool Sensory Table Ideas

Exploring the world around them makes every moment a learning experience for kids. Don’t worry about having special bins and objects, there are lots of ways to make sensory tables that work.

2. Explore with kinetic sand.

Different Kinetic Sand Activities.

Kinetic sand is fascinating to touch, make things with, and talk about. If you’ve got some lying around, try out some of these fun activities and make up some of your own!

3. Make calm down jars.

"calm down jars".

These calm down jars are fun to make, teach kids science, and really truly calm kids down as they watch them settle.

3. Play board games.

Various board games.

Board games offer fun ways for kids to practice skills. These board games give kids practice with vocabulary, telling time, fine motor skills, and strategy skills.



4. Try card games for practicing math, too.

Using playing cards to demonstrate addition.

You probably have a few decks of cards at home. Why not try out some of these games to help kids practice math. The quicker their math recall, the better they’ll do as math gets more difficult.

5. Dice offer another way to build math skills.

Various colored dice.

The great thing about dice is that, like dominoes and cards, the formations of dots help kids organize their math thinking. These games are fun for all ages because you can add or remove rules depending on ability.

6. Do edible science.

Edible Science experiments.

Sometimes science projects need special materials that can be tough to find, but not these! Check out how many ways you can use food to learn about science. This learning is fun and delicious.

7. Experiment with balloons.

Balloons are great for learning about physics, chemistry, and biology. Try out some of these experiments that help kids think about their breath, energy, and movement.

Balloon experiments for education.

8. Raid the Dollar Store for science supplies.

Electricity experiment using a battery and tinfoil with wires.

There are so many ways simple things you might have around the house can be put together to learn about complicated-sounding scientific notions like the laws of force and motion and friction. Trying out some of these experiments will have you all talking like scientists soon.

9. Try these science experiments using ordinary office supplies.

STEM Experiments With Office Supplies.

Bring engineering to life by making paper airplanes, catapults, and more with simple office supplies. Challenge each person in your house to make their own and hold a contest. Winner doesn’t do dishes for a week!

10. Play old-school recess games.

Cherry ball on an indoor field.

It feels like kids don’t play the same kinds of games we once played. Here are the rules for how to play all kinds of old-school outdoor games for your driveway, backyard, or maybe even a big playroom.

11. Use LEGO bricks to learn math.

Lego experiments and games.

Pretty much everyone has LEGO bricks sitting someplace in their house. Here’s how to use them to practice math skills. There are some really fun ideas in here.

12. Learn about spring weather.

Two bottles attached to each other, a handful of snow and multiple mini windmills.

Everyone loves to talk about the weather. Will it be cold, hot, or rainy? Here are some great activities to help you learn more about the weather.

What are your favorite hands-on activities for families? Please share in the comments.

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Easy Hands-On Activities Families Can Do At Home (Teacher Approved!)