25 Awesome Addition Activities That All Add Up to Fun

Add these fun options to your curriculum!

Addition Activities

1 + 1 = 2. It’s the basic foundation for every child’s math education and the building block to a whole world of learning. Addition is usually the first of the four operations that kids tackle, and mastering it is key to success for years to come. Try these fun addition activities in the classroom or at home to help your students become math wizards in no time!

1. Build block towers.

Addition Activities

Lay out flashcards, and then use blocks to create towers that answer the problems. Addition activities like this incorporate visual and hands-on techniques, honoring a variety of learning strategies.

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2. Make a dice calculator.

This is bound to be a ton of fun! Kids drop a die through each cup, then add up the numbers that fall through. So simple, and so enjoyable. Learn how to make a dice calculator here.

3. Play a game of addition Jenga.

Addition Activities

Stick addition problems to the ends of Jenga blocks. Kids must solve the equation before they can attempt to remove the block.


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4. Create an addition apple tree.

Hands-on addition activities really make learning stick. Learn how to make and use this adorable addition apple tree at the link.

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5. Use stickers for hands-on practice.

Addition Activities

Sticker dots are inexpensive; you can usually pick them up at the dollar store. Little ones will really get a kick out of using them to answer a series of addition problems.

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6. Park and add some toy cars.

Roll out the toy cars and trucks! Use them as math manipulatives as you work on your addition facts.

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7. Thread beads onto pipe cleaners.

Addition Activities

You can use pipe cleaners and beads for a variety of addition activities. In this one, put beads at opposite ends of a pipe cleaner, then bend them together and solve the equation.

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8. Deal UNO cards.

Use UNO cards or a regular deck with the face cards removed for this addition game. Simply lay out two cards and add them together!

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9. Cut out addition flowers.

Addition Activities

This pretty math craft gives kids a chance to work on addition activities like number bonds and mastering math facts. Get the free printable at the link.

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10. Clip clothespins to a hanger.

Who doesn’t love inexpensive math manipulatives you can put together yourself in a snap? Grab some hangers and clothespins to create these addition toys.

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11. Fingerpaint addition clouds.

Addition Activities

What a sweet idea! Write addition problems on clouds, then use finger paints to add the correct number of raindrops underneath. 

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12. Use sticky notes to make 10.

Sticky notes have so many uses in the classroom. Write individual numbers on them, then use the notes to “make 10” or any other number you choose.

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13. Practice regrouping with LEGO bricks.

Addition Activities

When you’re ready to move onto slightly more advanced addition activities, use LEGO bricks to help kids understand the concept of regrouping. (Find many more LEGO math ideas here.)

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14. Toss a beach ball.

Jot numbers all over a beach ball using a Sharpie. Then, toss it to a student and wherever their thumbs land, have them add up the two numbers closest. Ready for trickier addition activities? Add up all the numbers their fingers are touching!

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15. Twist up pool noodle equations.

Who knew you could use pool noodles for so many cool things in the classroom? We love this interchangeable equation maker, perfect for practicing addition facts.  Learn how to create a pool noodle equations maker here.

16. Assemble Play-Doh addition spiders.

Nothing scary about these little spiders! They’re just here to help kids practice their math facts. Insert pipe cleaner legs and find the total!

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17. Try mini-clothespins and wood craft sticks.

Addition Activities

Similar to the hanger activity above, this idea uses wood craft sticks and mini-clothespins. It’s a nice way to work in some fine motor skill practice too.

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18. Pull out the dominoes.

Here’s an easy one! Just turn dominoes sideways and they become math problems to be solved. Say them out loud, or write the equations for more practice.

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19. Grab a handful of toys.

Addition Activities

Kids will like the mystery element in this addition activity. Fill bags with small toys or mini erasers, then have them grab a handful from each and add them together!

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20. Color by number.

Pull out the crayon box—it’s time to color by number! The twist? Kids have to solve the equations first to learn the right colors to pick. Get the free printables at the link.

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21. Add and sort dominoes.

Addition Activities

You can do a variety of addition activities with dominoes. For this version, lay out a number line, then sort the dominoes by the sum of their two sides.

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22. Battle it out in Double Dice War.

Have you ever seen dice-in-dice? They’re so cool, and kids can’t get enough of them. Play addition war by having each student roll a die and add the numbers together. The one with the higher sum wins. Got a tie? Break it by looking at the number on the outside die. ( Find more dice-in-dice games and activities here.)

23. Pick up some pom poms.

Use double dice or regular ones along with a package of pom poms for this easy addition activity. Or try it with goldfish crackers for a tasty way to learn!

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24. Flip a flashcard pancake.

These pancakes aren’t very tasty, but they’re definitely a clever take on traditional flashcards. Kids will have fun flipping them with a spatula to check their answers.

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25. Be the first to fill your grid.

Get the free printable game boards for this addition activity at the link. Kids roll the dice and try to be the first to make sums that fill in their grids.

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25 Awesome Addition Activities That All Add Up to Fun