Make a Dice Calculator to Help Your Students Practice Their Math Skills

Have fun practicing math with your students!

Your students will love rolling the dice as a way of practicing their addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The concept is simple: Toss the dice through two cups and then solve! We used a dry-erase board as the background so students can write directly on the board. We also used dry-erase tape (seriously, a genius classroom item) for labeling.

Take a look at this video to see how this project came together.

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What you need

What to do

Step 1

Dice Calculator Foam

Start by measuring your dry-erase foam board so it will fit perfectly inside the lid of your plastic bin. Once you’ve traced it, cut it to fit, and then secure it with Command strips.

Step 2

Dice Calculator Cups

Cut the bottoms out of two plastic cups. Then use decorative tape on each one. We like using two different styles of tape to really emphasize the two parts of the equation. Then use Command strips to secure these cups at an angle onto your dry-erase board.

Step 3

Dice Calculator Command Strips

Using the magic of Command strips once more, add strips to the inside of your plastic bin so that you can set it up like a game board for students to play. If you’re unsure of how this should look, watch the video above.

Step 4


Dice Calculator Secure

Add dry-erase tape to the front of the box so that students can write out their equation after they’ve rolled the dice. We also recommend putting tape on the top of the box so you can label your game.

Step 5

Dice Calculator Play WeAreTeachers

Now your game is ready! Students can roll the dice and start solving! You can also use 10-sided dice for more numbers!

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