15 Write the Room Activities for Reading, Math, and More

It’s like a scavenger hunt for knowledge!

Write the Room Activities

Do you use write the room activities with your class? They’re such a cool way to add a little movement into your students’ day. The concept is simple: Post cards around the room, then send kids off to find and respond to them. (Just one more reason to get classroom clipboards.) This could mean writing letters or words, answering math problems, or working on reading skills. It really works for any topic. If you can put it on a worksheet, you can turn it into a write the room activity! Here are some of our favorites.

1. Learn the letters of the alphabet.

Write the Room Mrs Bremers Class

This early writing activity is as simple as it gets. Post cards with letters around the room and send kids off to find and copy them.

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2. Sound out beginning letters.

Teach beginning sounds with this free printable write the room activity. There are two versions for differentiated learning; one with letters to trace and one without. 

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3. Learn and review sight words.

Learning sight words is one of the most basic and important reading skills. You can use them for write the room activities in a variety of ways. Start by just posting the words for kids to find. ( Sticky notes are perfect for this. Did you know it’s easy to use them with your printer? ) Have them say the words out loud then practice writing them. Take it to the next level by posting pictures that represent the sight words and repeating the activity.

4. Mix it up with a word scramble.

Write the Room The Measured Mom

Add an extra challenge to sight word practice by posting scrambled words around the room—this will really make students think! Get free printables at the link below.

Learn more: The Measured Mom

5. Write the room to learn colors.

Help your little monsters learn their colors with this free printable activity. Crayons make writing more fun!

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6. Get some vocabulary practice.

Post definitions around the room and ask students to write down the correct words. Or, post the words themselves and have students use them in a sentence. Feeling really creative? Have students write a story as they make their way around the room, using each vocab word as they find it.

7. Brush up on blends.

Help your students learn and practice consonant blends at the beginning of words. Grab this free printable at the link.

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8. Write the room with rhyming words.

Challenge kids to write words that rhyme with those you’ve posted around the room. The free printables at the link have differentiated versions for younger or older kids.

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9. Review the parts of speech as you write the room.

Post numbered sentences and ask kids to identify the nouns, verbs, adjectives, or any other part of speech you’re currently working on. For extra writing practice, ask students to write out the whole sentence and circle the words instead of just writing down the individual words.

10. Practice using “a” or “an” before words.

Write the Room Sweet Sweet Primary

Oh, those tricky articles! Help students review when to use “a” or “an” before a word with this fun free printable.

Learn more: Sweet Sweet Primary

11. Identify geometric shapes.

Write the room activities aren’t only for language arts! Post shapes for kids to identify and color in. Make it more challenging by leaving the words off the cards.

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12. Count the room with math facts.

Keep the math theme going by having students count the room instead. Post math facts cards and have students record their answers. (Tip: Don’t number the cards; use letters instead so you don’t confuse kids.) Get some free printables to use at the link below.

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13. Use write the room cards as writing prompts.

This is a write the room activity that works at any age. Post the prompts around the room and have students work their way around, answering the prompts with sentences or short paragraphs. You can customize this for any subject or skill level. (Check out this list of 100 amazing writing prompts!)

14. Learn to tell time.

Write the Room The Moffatt Girls

Write the room is a fun way to practice clock skills. Try posting cards with clock faces so kids write the time; then mix things up by having kids draw correct clock faces to match the time written on cards. (Find more ways to practice telling time here.)

Learn more: The Moffatt Girls

15. Edit sentences around the room.

Write the Room Teaching With Love and Laughter

Post a series of sentences with spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors. Have kids record corrected versions on their answer sheets.

Learn more: Teaching With Love & Laughter

How do you teach your students using write around the room activities? Come share your ideas in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook!

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15 Write the Room Activities for Reading, Math, and More