Free Printable World Language Labels for School and Home

Get your choice of Spanish, French, German, or fill in your own language!

Free Printable World Language Labels for School and Home

Whether your students are learning in the classroom or completing activities at home for extra practice, these free printable world language labels help create a word-rich environment. We created this resource to give teachers flexible options that get kids excited about language learning.

There are three languages available: Spanish, French, and German. Plus there’s a create-your-own set that includes images and blank space to write the word in your language of choice.

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Here’s what’s included:

Spanish, French, and German Labels

Spanish, French, and German sets each includes 48 labels. Each set has three categories: school, home, and school/home. This makes it easy to give students a set to use at home to reinforce what they’re learning at school.


ACTFL language learning labels

Fill-In-Your-Own-Language and Blank Labels

You also have the option to fill in your own language with a set of 48 labels. These labels include object images and blank space to write words in the language of your choice. You can also use fill-in-your-own labels as a fun learning activity for students.

Every set includes a sheet of blank labels so teachers and students can draw and label objects that are unique to their classroom or home.

Blank language learning labels for classroom objects

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