Promethean Is Donating ActivPanels to Schools, and We Have the Inside Scoop on How to Score One

Pick me, please!

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Image of a Promethean ActivPanel on a blue background - Promethean ActivPanels

Does your classroom whiteboard need an upgrade? To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Promethean is donating 20 ActivPanels to schools across the US through the Promethean Grant. To enter, just create a short video explaining how your students would benefit from having a Promethean ActivPanel in the classroom.

Do I need to be Steven Spielberg to win?

We know what you’re thinking—video production sounds intimidating. But your entry doesn’t need to be Oscar worthy to score an ActivPanel. A video recorded on your iPhone can be just as great as one that uses fancy video equipment or editing software. Focus on creating a short video (60-seconds or less is great!) that involves your students and tells the story of why your classroom needs an ActivPanel.

What are the judges looking for?

The judges will consider each video in terms of:

  • CREATIVITY and student involvement
  • NEED for an ActivPanel in the classroom
  • IMPACT the ActivPanel would have on teaching and learning

I want to enter! What should I do next?

Just go to the Promethean Grant website to learn more and upload your video between now and December 1, 2018.


Can you show me some example videos?

If you need a little inspiration, check out the videos below, where students explain why they need Promethean ActivPanels in their classrooms.

If you like Shark Tank, you’ll love this video:


These kids are adorable, and they speak from the heart:


This Marvel-style video has next-level special effects: