Why Your Students Should Trade Homework For Cooking One Night A Week

Cooking with kids is about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity. (Guy Fieri)

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African American family cooking dinner together

There are many challenges when it comes to eating dinner around the table as a family—homework, sports, finding a recipe the whole family likes—the list goes on! Research has shown that students who do not eat dinner regularly with their families are more likely to be truant at school and more likely to be overweight.


The Homework Pass Challenge lets families use time typically spent on homework to cook dinner together. The program focuses on the real life lessons that can be learned in the kitchen. Kids hone math skills when doubling a recipe, literacy skills when reading and understanding step-by-step directions, science when combining ingredients, and self-esteem from the instant gratification of putting a meal on the table for the entire family. When families focus on cooking meals and eating dinner together, students come to school ready to learn which is a win-win for families and teachers.


The Homework Pass Challenge includes…

  1. Easy-to-follow student kits with recipes and standards-aligned cooking activities.
  2. Unique teacher guides to help your students get the most out of their cooking experience.
  3. Free UNCLE BENS® READY RICE® for every student and every recipe.


Your students will learn…

  • Math: ratios and proportion
  • Social Studies: culture and food
  • English/Language Arts: word use and poetry
  • History: the roots of rice
  • Science: how matter changes
  • Social Emotional: relationship building


Share the challenge!

For a chance to win money for your school, parents can upload a photo of their family cooking each of the Homework Pass Challenge recipes together. Visit unclebens.com for contest details and rules to share with your students’ parents and families.