16 Virtual Cooking Classes for Kids of All Ages

From food prep to homemade dinners!

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It’s incredible to consider all of the things students can do without ever having to leave home or the classroom. They can take virtual field trips of zoos and aquariums and even go on a college tour. Now, they can even learn how to better channel their inner chef! Here’s a list of virtual cooking classes for kids of all ages.

The Kids Table

Explore a full line-up of interactive, virtual cooking classes and virtual summer camps for preschoolers, elementary kids, and teens. Sign up for a class or check out their video archive. You can also set up a Private Virtual Event!

Kids Cook Real Food

Join Mrs. Kimball’s online video course where she guides kids as they master 30 basic cooking skills. Kids will learn to make entire recipes on their own with confidence.


Baking Bread With Kids

King Arthur Flour’s free online lessons are an extension of the company’s Bake For Good Kids program, which provides a free recipe book with directions for dinner rolls, pizza dough, muffins, and more.

The Dynamite Dinner Club


The online, Zoom-powered program is a limited-size, weekly 90-minute afternoon cooking class that delivers essential lessons and techniques. It even culminates in a hearty family dinner!

Rooks to Cooks

All programs are offered through Zoom where attendees will have the opportunity to learn from chefs. Best of all, they’ll interact with their peers in a live virtual classroom.

Annie’s Signature Sweets

Best for older kids, these virtual baking classes are perfect—whether you’re a novice who has never baked anything other than ready-to-bake cookie dough or practically a pastry pro. 

Real Food 4 Kids

These free classes include numerous video recipes narrated and prepared by kids. The printable recipe sheet includes ingredients, essential equipment, and tips.


Designed for kids four to 14+, the RadDish membership includes a monthly cooking kit, grocery games, digital bonus recipes and activities. Plus you get access to their online community.

18 Reasons Why

These online classes include up to 12 people learning new cooking styles via Zoom. Topics include basic knife skills, Japanese comfort food, and a workshop on French crepes designed for kids ages six and up. 

Christina Tosi’s Baking Club

Still of Christina Tosi Instagram virtual cooking class for kids

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Christina Tosi, the founder of Milk Bar and MasterChef judge, launched an Instagram baking club to share recipes for treats using simple ingredients designed for kids. 

Food Literacy Center

This nonprofit’s mission is to teach kids about cooking, nutrition, gardening, and all aspects of food literacy. Through Facebook Live, they offer a free online curriculum for fun snacks and meals.

Home Cooking New York

These 90-minute, interactive online classes are ideal for older kids (12+) to take on their own, or with adult supervision (for any age child). The Parent-Child Cooking Camp for Kids is designed for kids ages five to nine while older kids (16+) can sign up for the Culinary Boot Camp.

Tiny Chefs

Perfect for ages three to 12, this virtual series includes 10 recipes. And each recipe contains an instructional video, shopping list, lesson plan, quiz, and several activities.


This marketplace offers live culinary classes that teach children how to make everything from chicken pot pie to freshly baked desserts. Be sure to check out the more elaborate lessons, including, “How to cook like the house-elves at Hogwarts.”


This exciting program empowers kids to be “food-smart” by using hands-on training to guide students through the full life cycle of the dishes they prepare, from plant to table.

Jax Cooking Studio

Kids will follow along with chefs as they practice culinary skills and learn new cooking techniques and recipes. Vanilla cupcakes and shrimp masala? Yes, please!

Did we miss one of your favorite virtual cooking websites? Share them with us, and we might just add it to this list!

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16 Virtual Cooking Classes for Kids of All Ages