6 Reasons to Start a Service Project Today (and Sign Up for a $250 Grant)

Service learning and volunteering can be fun—and easy!—here’s how.

Sponsored By The Allstate Foundation

It’s easy for students to make a difference in their schools, communities and world through volunteering. And as a busy teacher, it’s easy for you to help them (really!) when you sign up to be a part of the WE and Allstate Foundation Good Starts Young program for schools. You can even receive a $250 grant to use towards your students’ goals!

Last year, Wadsworth Elementary Academy on the South Side of Chicago noticed that their community didn’t have markets for fresh fruits and vegetables, and they saw their schoolyard wasn’t being fully utilized. They decided to create a garden where students could grow their own food for their families and community. They used their $250 WE Volunteer Now grant for the supplies for the school garden.

Inspired? Read on for six awesome reasons why you should sign up!

1. You’ll inspire your students to make a real difference.

When you join WE Volunteer Now, powered by Allstate Foundation Good Starts Young,you’re  giving your students a chance to make a difference in their neighborhood and the world. Together you’ll find something you are passionate about and can work towards as a group to effect local, national or global change.

2. You’ll fit it into your curriculum—easily.

After you have signed up, you’ll receive the WE Schools Kit to figure out which action or campaign your students want to work on throughout the year. The kit is packed with ideas for teachers and students to brainstorm ideas and set goals. You’ll receive how-to guides and classroom posters. Plus, there are lessons for all grade levels that easily align with your current curriculum.

3. You’ll snag your chance to receive a $250 grant.

600 schools will receive a $250 WE Volunteer Now grant, made possible by The Allstate Foundation, to put toward their project. The grants are offered on a first come, first served basis, so sign up today!

4. You’ll earn your way to WE Day!

So, you’ve found the project you want to work on. Great! Once you’ve finished your good deed and reported your results, you’ll get a chance to earn your way to WE Day. It’s a stadium-sized event (there are 6 held annually in select cities across the country!) that brings together amazing speakers and performers. And YOU and YOUR students could be honored, or students can tune in and watch them live! Just see for yourself:

5. You’ll help your students earn service learning hours and AP credits.

High, middle, and even elementary schools are requiring students to log the time they’ve spent on service learning and volunteering. The WE Schools framework gives your students more options to gain volunteering time in ways integrated with your lessons.

High schools can implement the AP®with WE Service Course that gives AP teachers the opportunity to incorporate service learning into their existing AP courses. Check out this high school AP Environmental Science class’s project.



6. You’ll instill a love of volunteerism in your students (that they’ll have forever).

In this hectic world of achievements and grades, it is tough for students, teachers and families to make the time for giving back. WE Schools and the WE Volunteer Now campaign show us all how accessible volunteering can be! 

What are you waiting for? It’s free to sign up!

6 Reasons to Start a Service Project Today (and Sign Up for a $250 Grant)