Monday is Labor Day—and aside from being the first official holiday of the school year, Labor Day is a great opportunity to teach your students about our country’s history in regards to worker’s rights, child labor, labor unions and more.  Read on to find 6 fun (and simple) lesson plan ideas to teach about Labor Day.

Labor Library

Head to the library and have each child pick out a book that has to do with a career that they are interested in (for a list of book ideas, click here.)  Then, read the books in class and discuss the career opportunities available to kids in their generation.

Thank a Community Helper

Write thank you cards to some of your community helpers—police officers, firefighters or paramedics—and then send them to the station.

A Day in the Life

Use a video camera to record your students talking about a day in their lives, and then contrast it by talking about the lives of students living abroad in places that have unfair labor laws.

Child Labor

Use non-fiction books and articles to give your students a first-hand look at how child labor is still utilized around the world.

Make Career Flags

Cover construction paper with pictures from various careers—and hang them around your classroom.

Famous Person with Pizzazz

Have each of your students research and then create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation about a person who influenced the work environment in our country.

Occupations Collage

Have your kids make a collage about all of occupations and hang the collages around the classroom.