15 Activities & Websites to Teach Kids About Historical Timelines

Chain-links, roadmaps, and more.

Six images of different activities about the historical timeline.

Events in our history, however important, can be a bit challenging for students to grasp. This is especially true when the story is complex. Visualizing the chain of events can help bring concepts to light. We’ve come up with this list of amazing and engaging ways for you to teach historical timelines to your students.

1. Make a Chain-Link Timeline

Students can transform strips of paper into an exciting and informative chain-link timeline of events!

Learn more: The Owl Teacher.

2. Use Felt Animals for Pre-History

Re-use the felt over and over again!

Learn More: The Ophoffs.com

3. Create a Virtual Timeline


Create engaging historical timelines for elementary students on this website tool.

Learn more: Read, Write, Think

4. Storyboard a Timeline

Each box can include an orienting heading and illustration to create a fun historical timeline! 

Learn more: The Owl Teacher.


5. Explore The Knotted Line

Check out this artistic and interactive timeline that allows students to explore freedom in U.S. history.

Learn more: The Knotted Line

6. Use an Online Timeline Maker

This tool makes creating historical timelines very simple, which is great for younger students! 

Learn more: Softschools

7. Craft a Clothesline Timeline

Kids can draw or cut out photographs and hang them to create a historical timeline that’s easy to rearrange. 

Learn more: Second Grade Smiles.

8. Use This Printable Road to History

Take your students on a road trip through some of the most notable moments in history. 

Learn more: Sabrina’s History Corner

9. Craft a Colorful Road Map Timeline

Using poster boards, students can draw a road and create street signs for dates. Then, they can use cars to represent the events!

Learn more: The Owl Teacher.

10. Create Timeline Pennants

There’s just something so fun about using pennants to retrace history. 

Learn more: Literacy in Focus.

11. Make ‘My Life’ Timelines

One of the best ways to teach students about timelines is to have them tell their own story!

Learn more: MsT Makes Things.

12. Incorporate a Basic Timeline Template

This basic template is the perfect blank template when it comes to teach historical timelines.

Learn more: Josie’s Classroom.

13. Use Sutori

This imaginative and interactive tool is an easy and flexible solution for all kinds of classrooms. 

Learn more: Sutori

14. Collaborate With Visme

Teachers and students can easily collaborate with these timeline templates!

Learn more: Visme

15. Put Together a Puzzle Timeline

Let students put the pieces of history’s puzzle together with this creative historical timeline!

Learn more: The Owl Teacher.

Did we miss any activities or websites that help teach historical timeline? Share your favorites by leaving a comment!

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15 Activities & Websites to Teach Kids About Historical Timelines