Save Your School Performances This Year With 20% off Risers

The right choral risers help you to see AND hear.

Riser Discount from Wenger

Brought to you by Wenger Corporation

Wenger choral risers and portable acoustical shells have been a trusted part in music education and performance for over 70 years. They’re key to your students not only being HEARD but being SEEN. Learn how you can save 20% on risers and shells until November 30, 2019.


The right risers can save your school performances from blocked views and bad sound. So when we heard our friends at Wenger were offering a 20% riser discount for a limited time, we knew we had to share!

That’s right. Until November 30, your school can save 20% on choral risers and acoustic shells from the trusted brand Wenger. That means that just in time for school fall and holiday concerts, you can have your new, professional risers in place.

You’ll be able to see faces and hear voices more clearly. The difference is huge and immediate. Just check out this hilarious video from Wenger below to see what we mean!

But hurry! This deal is only active until November 30, then the price goes back up. Be sure to pass it onto your school’s choral director or principal, too!

Plus, right now when you make a purchase from Wenger and share a photo, you will receive a free gift!

Yes! I Want My 20% Riser Discount From Wenger

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