Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: You stay up late developing the world’s most scintillating classroom presentation, one that is sure to wow and inspire your students. …

And then you leave the lesson at home.

Our Pick of the Week makes it possible to access your presentations from the Web, saving you from the lugging of laptops or remembering of flash drives. Most importantly, this software makes creating captivating multimedia lessons a breeze.


Why we love it: ClassFlow is a complete teaching platform for grades preK–12 that will connect all of your classroom devices, from your interactive whiteboard to your classroom laptops, desktops and tablets. Cutting-edge Web- and cloud-based technology allows you to prepare multimedia classroom presentations on your home computer, sync them to your classroom devices, and watch as your students respond on their own devices during the presentations. No special software needs to be installed.

Simplified lesson planning: Users say that ClassFlow has greatly simplified their lesson-creation process. Teachers can pull in their existing resources to the presentations and also search for additional content and images on the Web within ClassFlow. The ability to access all pieces on one page will save you time and eliminate the nuisance of navigating between lots of open browser tabs.

Connect with your students: ClassFlow allows students to engage with your lessons on their tablets and laptops. You can easily send them polls or quizzes, and students can take notes during the presentations, send you questions, create original material and turn in their work.

Great app-titude: If you’re a smartphone and tablet lover, you will be wowed by the ClassFlow apps. ClassFlow Teacher Remote allows you the freedom to navigate your ClassFlow lesson from anywhere in your classroom, to take photos and pop them into the presentation, and share directly with students’ devices. The tablet teacher app enables you to send custom content to different student learning groups and assess and measure student progress in real time.

Bonus: ClassFlow is currently available for FREE to teachers. Test it out at ClassFlow.com.

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