Water bottles are a pretty standard school supply these days. But they can cause problems—spills, condensation rings and puddles, and worse. You can buy water bottle holders for student desks, or try easy hacks to make your own. Either way, your classroom will be more organized, and everyone will stay hydrated!

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1. Car Drink Holders

Car window drink holder repurposed as a water bottle holder for student desks by using zip ties

This idea has been making the rounds for a while, and it is one of the most popular ways to make water bottle holders for student desks. Find these drink holders in the automotive department; they’re meant to hook onto a car door at the base of the window. Cut or snap off the hook if you want, or just zip-tie them into place as-is, like @aloveofteaching did.

Try it: Bell Drink Holder at Zoro

2. Shoe Holder Pockets

A shoe holder pocket trimmed and attached to a student desk with zip ties to hold a water bottle

You’ve probably seen the over-the-door shoe holder repurposed as a classroom water bottle holder. @hilaritywithmrshorst went a step further, though. She trimmed each pocket, added some duct tape, and zip-tied them to individual desks. So smart!

Try it: Amazon Basics Over-the-Door Shoe Holder at Amazon

3. Plastic Tumblers

Collage of photos showing a blue plastic tumbler zip-tied to a student chair to hold a beverage bottle

This is another popular (and inexpensive) method for making DIY water bottle holders for student desks. Buy large sturdy plastic tumblers and carefully drill holes, then zip-tie them into place. Thanks for the tip, @teachersbrain!

Try it: 16-Ounce Reusable Plastic Stadium Cups, 8 Pack at Amazon

4. Bike Bottle Holders

A clamp-on bike water bottle holder attached to a student desk leg

These bottle holders are a little more expensive than some of the other options on the list, but they’re easy to use and durable. On Pinterest, Kayla S. says, “These screw right on to desk legs—SO handy for all the kids’ water bottles! I need more!”

Try it: Accmor 2-Pack Bike Water Bottle Holder at Amazon

5. S Hooks

Student chairs with holes drilled and S hooks attached to hold student water bottles

Lots of water bottles have loops or carabiners attached. Take advantage of that with this super-economical idea: Just drill a small hole, slip an S hook through it, and hang the bottles from their loops. Rosa S. on Pinterest notes that metal shower rings also work but aren’t as sturdy.

Try it: 30-Pack Heavy-Duty S Hooks at Amazon

6. Cup-Holsters

Cup Holster bottle holder attached to classroom desk, holding water bottle and cleaning wipes (Water Bottle Holders for Student Desks)

If you’ve got some funds to invest, these cup holders are some of the most popular on Amazon, with more than 2,600 five-star reviews. The screw attachment adjusts to fit thin and thick surfaces, so they’ll work pretty much anywhere.

Try it: Cup-Holster at Amazon

7. Pencil Cups

Mesh pencil cup attached to leg of student desk with zip ties

Stop by the dollar store and pick up some of these mesh pencil cups. Then, simply attach them to desk or chair legs with zip ties, like Sarah Saunders demonstrates on Pinterest.

Try it: Jot Metal Pencil Holders at Dollar Tree

8. Duct Tape Upcycled Holders

Empty disinfectant wipe bottle wrapped with duct tape and attached to student desk leg to hold a water bottle

There are a few different ways you can make these DIY water bottle holders. On Pinterest, Jenni Toltzman shares that she made these from empty disinfectant wipe containers. Other teachers have used 2-liter soda bottles with the tops cut off. Either way, wrap them with colorful duct tape and attach them to student desks with zip ties. Try letting students decorate their own holders for a useful craft project.

Try it: Craftzilla Rainbow Colored Duct Tape in 6 Bright Colors at Amazon

9. Paracord Bottle Holders

Knotted water bottle holder made from colorful paracord

Speaking of useful crafts, teach kids how to make these easy water bottle holders from paracord. Find the simple instructions on Birds’ Eye Meeple, then let kids choose their own colors and make these holders to hang off the back of their chairs. They can take these with them from room to room too!

Try it: 36-Color Paracord Set at Amazon

10. Fuzzy Sock Holders

Green striped fuzzy sock cut and tied to be a water bottle holder attached to a student desk

The cool thing about these fuzzy sock DIY water bottle holders is that they absorb condensation, so you won’t have drippy puddles everywhere! SeeEL Messenger on Pinterest says, “I cut them down both sides and then tied it according to the size of the water bottle and the height of the desk.”

Try it: Loritta 6 Pairs Fuzzy Socks at Amazon

11. Foam Bottle Holder

Blue foam bottle holder attached to the leg of a student desk

Really Good Stuff makes lots of cool classroom supplies, like these foam bottle holders. They attach firmly to desk or chair legs, and are deep enough to hold bottles of all sizes. They’re on the pricier side, so watch for sales to make them more affordable.

Try it: Really Good Stuff Foam Water Bottle Holders at Amazon

12. 2-in-1 Holder

Cup holder with hook for holding headphones attached to a desk

Here’s another pricier option that’s worth the investment. This clamp-on cup holder has an attached hook for holding headphones, bags, or other items. Reviewers love that the cup holder is large enough for even the biggest bottles.

Try it: 2-in-1 Anti-Spill Cup Holder With Under Desk Headphone Hanger at Amazon

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12 Clever Ways to Add Water Bottle Holders to Student Desks