Virtual Rewards That Work For In-Person And Online Classrooms

Virtual field trips, digital stickers, playlist picks, and more!

Many teachers like to use rewards as part of their classroom behavior management systems. Kids love classic rewards like pizza parties or a dip into the prize box, but new ways of teaching and learning have made virtual rewards a popular choice too. Even though most teachers are back in the classroom in person this year, virtual rewards still have plenty of uses. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Collect digital reward tags

ipad showing virtual reward tags.

These quick rewards are similar to digital stickers, but each is awarded for a specific purpose. Students can work to earn tags like “Good Listener” or “Ace Writer” (the possibilities are endless), and many love to try to collect them all. Learn more about using reward tags here, and check out this collection of virtual rewards tags from Performing in Education.

2. Try digital stickers

Tablet showing image of virtual laptop with digital stickers

Since the day teachers started giving gold stars for great work, stickers have been beloved classroom rewards. These days, you can even give them online to collect in a digital sticker book! These virtual rewards are easy to use in programs like Google Slides or Google Docs, and Teachers Pay Teachers has plenty of digital sticker collections and sticker books to purchase. Learn more about using digital stickers on Erintegration.

3. Award ClassDojo points

Virtual Rewards available in Class Dojo

ClassDojo is a free program that makes communication between teachers and parents easy. One of the coolest parts is the ability to award points for various behaviors. Teachers get to decide what points can be redeemed for, whether it’s real-life prizes like a sweet treat or virtual rewards like a homework pass. They can also coordinate with parents to let kids choose to redeem their points at home for items like Skip a Weekly Chore, Choose Dinner, Watch a Movie, or Extra Hour of Screen Time. Learn how to use Class Dojo points and rewards at home here.

4. Take a virtual field trip

Whale sharks swimming with smaller fish in blue water

These are great for whole-class rewards. There are tons of terrific virtual “field trips” you can take with your class, from zoos and aquariums to national parks and even space! Find our favorite virtual field trip ideas here.

5. Send them an ebook


Kindle book gift page screen shot (Virtual Rewards)

Make a list of ebooks kids can choose from as rewards for extra-special accomplishments. (There are plenty of good options out there for a few dollars or less.) Amazon makes it easy to send ebooks as gifts, and recipients can read them on any device.

6. Play Classcraft

Classcraft screen shot (Best Virtual Rewards)

Motivate even the most reluctant learners when you gamify your lessons with Classcraft! Turn assignments into learning quests, and provide rewards for academic and behavioral achievements. The free basic program gives you lots of fun options; upgrade for even more features.

7. Give them a social media shout-out

Student Shout Out on Instagram lauding the behavior of a student

Make sure their accomplishments are known far and wide! Share their good work on your school’s social media pages or parent communication app. As always, be sure to get parent and student permission before posting pictures or full names publicly. (Source)

8. Create or contribute to the classroom playlist

Spotify Clean Classroom Playlist screen shot (Virtual Rewards)

If you like playing music while kids work, then letting them help choose the playlist is a terrific reward! Of course, you’ll have to set some ground rules and check out the songs in advance, but students will love getting to contribute or even create their very own playlist for the class to enjoy.

9. Share a favorite video

Computer monitor showing screen shot of YouTube (Virtual Rewards)

Offer a student the chance to share a favorite video with the class. This could be something they love on YouTube or TikTok or a video they made themselves. (Be sure to view it in advance to make sure it’s classroom-appropriate.)

10. Pass out virtual rewards coupons

80+ Reward Coupons printable

Give students digital coupons they can cash in for virtual or real-life rewards. There are lots of options available on Teachers Pay Teachers, like this one from Teaching With Mel D., or you can make your own. Try some of these options:

  • Homework Pass
  • Wear a Hat to Class
  • Choose the Book for Storytime
  • Play an Online Game With Your Teacher
  • Turn in an Assignment Late

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Virtual Rewards That Work For In-Person And Online Classrooms