All the Best Low-Cost Treasure Box Prizes You Can Buy on Amazon

Admit it. You kind of want some of these for yourself.

Treasure Box Featured

If you’re the kind of teacher who keeps a classroom treasure box full of cool prizes to reward student behavior, this one’s for you! Every single assortment and collection on this list is available on Amazon for less than 20 bucks (some are a lot less). Time to stock up and save!

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Treasure Box Assortments

These treasure box prize packs offer a little of everything to please everyone.

40-Piece Carnival Prizes Set

Treasure Box 40 Carnival Prizes

This treasure box assortment includes puzzle cubes, 3-D puzzles, slap bracelets, Mochi squishies, and sticky hands, for a total of 40 prizes.

Get it: 40-Piece Carnival Prizes Set by Kocici.

Fun Express 50 Pieces + Treasure Chest

Treasure Box 50 Pieces

This assortment contains a variety of prizes and comes with its own treasure chest box.


Get it: Fun Express 50 Pieces + Treasure Chest.

100-Piece BDC Super Cool Toy Assortment

Low-Cost Treasure Box

These little prizes are just enough to make kids feel special and get them excited.

Get it: BCD Super Cool Toy Assortment (100 pieces).


Amy&Benton 120-Piece Treasure Box Prizes

Low-Cost Treasure Box

This assortment has even more fun stuff to fill your teacher treasure box.

Get it: Amy&Benton 120-Piece Treasure Box Prizes.

ZOYJITU 188-Piece Party Prizes Assortment

Low-Cost Treasure Box

Stock up now for years to come! This mega-assortment will fill your teacher treasure box with something for every kind of kid out there.

Get it: ZOYJITU 188-Piece Party Prizes Assortment.

Super Sweet Stickers

Generation after generation, kids continue to love stickers, and teachers do too.

1300+ Animal Stickers Assortment

Treasure Box Animal Stickers

Lions and tigers and bears (and monkeys and jellyfish and pandas and cows) … oh, my! Cut these into individual sheets for a total of 40 prizes for your treasure box.

Get it: 1300+ Animal Stickers Assortment.

Make-a-Face Sticker Collection

Low-Cost Treasure Box

These design-your-own-sticker sheets give kids endless options for repeat fun. You get 96 sheets in the set.

Get it:  Make-a-Face Sticker Collection (96 Sheets).

Puffy Stickers 40-Sheet Assortment

Low-Cost Treasure Box

These sticker sheets are individually wrapped, so you can be sure the stickers will stay put until kids choose them from your prize box. 

Get it: Puffy Stickers 40-Sheet Assortment.

Koobar Sports Stickers Variety Pack

Treasure Box Sports Stickers

Calling all sports fans! These sticker sheets feature six different sports; you get two of each for a total of 12 sheets. 

Get it: Koobar Sports Stickers Variety Pack (12 Sheets).

Creanoso Motivational Sticker Sheets

Low-Cost Treasure Box

Remind them they’re amazing with these colorful, inspirational sticker sheets, which come in a set of 20.

Get it: Creanoso Motivational Sticker Sheets (20-count).

Novelty Pens and Pencils

Students will think these treasure box prizes are fun, while you’ll appreciate their usefulness.

Stackable Bear Pencils

Low-Cost Treasure Box

Save on trips to the pencil sharpener with these cute bear pencils; each bear holds a brand-new sharp point. They come in a set of 30. 

Get it: Stackable Bear Pencils (30-count).

Emoji Pencils, Erasers, and Sharpeners Set

Treasure Box Emoji Pencils

Pass out these 36 emoji pencils, erasers, and sharpeners individually or package them up to make 12 sets.

Get it: Rhode Island Novelty Emoji Pencils, Erasers, and Sharpeners Set (36 Pieces).

BAIVYLE Flamingo Pens Assortment

Low-Cost Treasure Box

These crazy creatures conceal a pen in their feet! You know kids will snap these up from your treasure box. 

Get it: BAIVYLE Flamingo Pens (Set of 12).

Raymond Geddes Incentive Pencils

Treasure Box Incentive Pencils

Grab this pack of 144 vibrant pencils to stock up your treasure box for the whole year. 

Get it: Raymond Geddes Incentive Pencils (144 Pack).

Zoombie Carabiner 4-Color Pens

Treasure Box 4-Color Pens

Didn’t you crave one of those pens that could write in four different colors back when you were in school? Yeah, your students these days will too. 

Get it: Zoombie Carabiner 4-Color Pens (24 Pack).

Treasure Box Bookmarks

Reward top-notch readers with clever bookmarks that will keep them reaching for new books.

Color-Your-Own Bookmarks

Treasure Box Color Your Own Bookmarks

Let kids choose and then personalize their bookmark prize in any way they like. 

Get it: Juvale Color-Your-Own Booksmarks (24-Pack).

Safari Animal Bookmarks Assortment

Low-Cost Treasure Box

Animal lovers will have a hard time choosing their favorite; fortunately, you get 48 bookmarks in this collection. 

Get it: Fun Express Safari Animal Bookmarks Assortment (48-Count).

Inspirational Bookmarks Collection

Low-Cost Treasure Box

Mark their spot with inspirational thoughts and words of encouragement. Add your own ribbons to these bookmarks if you like. 

Get it: De Prettilicious Inspirational Bookmarks Set (60 Pieces).

Rainbow Scratch Art Bookmarks Set

Treasure Box Scratch Off Bookmarks

This kit comes with 36 scratch-off bookmarks, plus scratching sticks and ribbons, and cellophane bags to package each set.

Get it: Supla Rainbow Scratch Art Booksmarks Set (36-count).

Raymond Geddes Dr. Seuss Bookmarks

Low-Cost Treasure Box

Beloved book characters star in this set of 50 Dr. Seuss bookmarks perfect for younger readers. 

Get it: Raymond Geddes Dr. Seuss Bookmarks (50-count).

Stuff They Can Wear

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Slap Bracelets Mega-Assortment

Treasure Box Slap Bracelets

Animals, emojis, colorful designs … these slap bracelets have it all.

Get it: 100 Pieces Slap Bracelet Mega-Assortment.

Star-Shaped Sunglasses

Low-Cost Treasure Box

Their future’s so bright, they gotta wear shades! 

Get it: Ram-Pro Star Sunglasses (22-count).

Baby Shark Rubber Wristbands

Low-Cost Treasure Box

Because for some reason, they just never ever get tired of that song. 

Get it: Baby Shark Rubber Wristbands (24-count).

Sea Animal Headbands Assortment

Treasure Box Animal Headbands

Life is better under the sea! (Sebastian the Crab told us so.

Get it: CiyvoLyeen Sea Animal Headbands Assortment (12 pieces).

Emoji Slap Bracelets Assortment

Treasure Box Emoji Bracelets

They can wear their heart on their sleeve (okay, their wrists) with these treasure box prizes. 

Get it: Adecco Emoji Slap Bracelets Assortment.

Sensory and Fidget Toys

Give those fidgety fingers something to do.

Kicko Mini Putty With Glitter Pack

Treasure Box Mini Putty

Why do kids love slime so much? Who knows! But you get 48 glittery containers of it in this assortment.

Get it: Kicko Mini Putty With Glitter (48-pack).

Rainbow Spring Toy Assortment

Low-Cost Treasure Box

These vibrant plastic spring toys are a quiet way to keep little hands occupied.

Get it: Rainbow Spring Toy Assortment (50-pack).

Play-Doh Mini  Tubs Party Bag

Low-Cost Treasure Box

There isn’t a kid out there who doesn’t love Play-Doh, and this set of 15 mini tubs is a real bargain.

Get it: Play-Doh Mini Tubs Party Bag (15-count).

Stress Balls Assortment

Treasure Box Stress Balls

It’s amazing that squeezing a squishy ball can make you feel a little better, but it works.

Get it: Stress Balls Assortment (24 pieces).

Sensory Fidget Toys Assortment Pack

Treasure Box Sensory Assortment

Fidget spinners, stress balls, stretch toys, and more.

Get it: Sensory Fidget Toys Assortment (32 Pack).

Just for Fun Prizes

‘Cause kids just wanna have fun!

Mini Bubble Wands Assortment

Low-Cost Treasure Box

Pro tip: Make sure they use these outside so your classroom floor doesn’t turn into a slip and slide.

Get it: Mini Bubble Wands Assortment (32 Pieces).

Self-Inking Stampers Collection

Low-Cost Treasure Box

The good news about these amazingly priced stampers? The ink is washable!

Get it: Self-Inking Stampers Collection (100-count).

Wekity Brain Game Puzzle Boxes

Treasure Box Puzzles

Kids can spend ages trying to get the little balls in the correct places. (Adults can too, so be careful!)

Get it: Wekity Brain Game Puzzle Boxes (24 Pieces).

Wind-Up Toys Assortment

Low-Cost Treasure Box

Just a bunch of silly and fun wind-up critters for your teacher treasure box.

Get it: Wind Up Animal Toys Assortment (25 Pieces).

Mini Animal Building Blocks Sets

Low-Cost Treasure Box

These little animals are a blast to put together; you get a set of 12 in the assortment.

Get it: Mini Animal Building Blocks Sets

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All the Best Low-Cost Treasure Box Prizes You Can Buy on Amazon