Educators Need to Connect Now, More Than Ever

Let’s share what we’re doing well

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A girl appreciating completed training course, giving the highest mark online
Course Evaluation. Happy girl appreciating completed training course, giving the highest mark online

There’s no other way to put it; we all miss each other these days. Education feels lonelier than ever. Enter EdSpace, the video app that connects teachers and administrators so they can share stories, ideas, and insights. The format is simple. Simply create up to a three-minute video and share. Others can post comments, ask questions, or simply chime in with an “Amen!”. 

But what we love most about this app is that you’ll get a private channel only visible within your school community. You’ll be able to see who from your school has signed up and communicate with them directly. Use it for staff meetings, professional development, or just for fun!

To help get you started, we’ve put together 7 ways you and your team can connect with a video app like EdSpace:

1. Tell everyone about your favorite online organization tip

This year has been quite the juggling act. Imagine how great it will feel sharing your own videos that show organizational strategies that have truly worked well? We don’t ask each other to share our professional knowledge enough. This way, everyone can learn from each other. 

2. Use EdSpace to hold asynchronous staff meetings

Make a ‘Video Question of the Week’ part of your asynchronous staff meeting. Post a reflection question such as: What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself this week? What is something new you’ve done this semester that you’d like to incorporate into your teaching practice? What is your top priority for your students right now? Ask teachers to post their videos onto your school channel. Then, on their own time, ask them to watch their co-workers’ videos and leave comments for each other. 

3. Share an idea for what’s working in your classroom this year, despite challenges

What about creating videos that show classroom set-ups that are working for social distancing and cleanliness protocols. How have you all created safe spaces for students to learn? This could generate great comments that help everyone feel proud and seen.

4. Get everyone personally connected

Teaching this year has been so intense, and the one thing we’re all sorely missing is time for a personal connection with our co-workers. Ask everyone to share one thing that’s happening in their life outside of school. Encourage them to share that great book they’ve read, their favorite comfort food, ways they’ve stayed connected to friends and family, and any crafts or hobbies that have kept them sane. 

5. Share cool resources you’ve already vetted

So often, the best PD for educators can be found within our own community. Create videos highlighting which resources have been most helpful as we’ve all navigated this new world. Which technology shortcuts, websites, books, articles, or blogs have helped us to do our jobs better and more efficiently? Like the EdSpace app, for example!

6. Find out: How’s everyone connecting with kids?

Job number one during these unique times has been staying connected with kids. Ask your staff to offer their tips by creating videos that show how they are connecting with students. How are they checking in to make sure kids are doing okay emotionally? What are some of the opportunities kids have for processing their new normal? How are kids connecting with one another? 

7. Ask the question: what’s one thing you’ll want to keep doing next year?

As much as we don’t like the way this year has turned out, there are some new things that we’ve learned. Start by posting your own video about what you’ll keep even when everyone gets back in the classroom. 

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Educators Need to Connect Now, More Than Ever