Valentine’s Day Writing Printable: The Case of the Missing Arrows

Uh-oh, Cupid’s arrows are missing on Valentine’s Day! Students draw suspects and craft a creative writing piece about who stole Cupid’s arrows.

Download our Valentine’s Day writing printable and invite your students to take on the case of who took Cupid’s arrows! After reading “The Case of the Missing Arrows,” (below) students identify and illustrate three suspects. Then they finish the rest of the story in their own words. Who took the arrows?! Did a dog run off with them at the park? Could a monkey swipe them at the zoo? What if someone tried to purchase them at the grocery store? Students decide who their primary suspect will be.

Once students have written their story, you can have them compare their results with the rest of their peers. Create a bar graph with park, zoo and grocery on the x-axis. Then have students write their main suspect on a post-it note and paste it above the corresponding category. What location was the most popular (park, zoo or grocery)? Did anyone have the same or a similar suspect?

Click here for a free printable: The Case of the Missing Arrows