18 Sweet Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Ideas for the Classroom

These boards are made with love.

Valentine's Day bulletin board feature

Valentine’s Day is almost here! As a teacher, sometimes this holiday can seem like an overload of candy in the classroom. A bulletin board is the perfect way to display some of that Valentine’s spirit without the added sugar. This time of year can also be a good opportunity to encourage loving one another and showing kindness to peers. No matter the type of board you want to display, we’ve got you covered. Check out 18 of our favorite Valentine’s Day bulletin board ideas below to get inspired for the season of love. 

Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Ideas

1. Love Is “Up” in the Air

Bulletin board with Up movie characters and words love is in the air- Valentine's Day Bulletin Boards

Up and away! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this Up-themed bulletin board idea. How cute are those balloons?!

Source: Pinterest: Terrica Baker 

2. Moovelous Valentine’s Day

Bulletin board with cow cutouts- Valentine's Day Bulletin Boards

Create some a-moo-sing Valentine’s cows out of paper plates and construction paper. This board will take your students over the moon!

Source: Pinterest: Cindy Wilkins

3. Love Bites


Board with cutouts of sharks and words love BITES!- Valentine's Day Bulletin Boards

Have your students craft some silly sharks and half-bitten hearts for this “Love Bites” Valentine’s Day bulletin board idea. Fin-tastic!

Source: Pinterest: Just Children

4. Yoda One for Me

Bulletin board with cutout of drawing of Yoda and words Yoda one for me- Valentine's Day Bulletin Boards

Create one of these Yoda Valentine’s Day bulletin boards, you must. Make it an interactive board by encouraging students to craft their own hearts.

Source: Pinterest: Rm

5. Little Sweethearts

Bulletin board of cutouts of hearts and word Sweethearts

A sweet board with some sweet treats! Valentine’s Day is never complete without heart-shaped candy!

6. Owl Always Love You

Bulletin board with words Owl always love you

Just like the song, this Valentine’s Day bulletin board is a total hit! Use handprints to create the wings and googly eyes to complete a perfectly cute owl.

Source: Pinterest: Marley Duchaine

7. Bee My Valentine

Bulletin board with cutouts of bees and words Hey, I just met you and this is crazy. So BEE my Valentine yes. no or maybe?- Valentine's Day Bulletin Boards

What a cute way to display Valentine’s Day! This board is the bee’s knees.

Source: Pinterest: Sarah Knight

8. Read Your Heart Out

Bulletin board with cutouts of hearts and words Read your heart out!- Valentine's Day Bulletin Boards

If you’re looking for a way to combine reading and Valentine’s Day, this board is the perfect fit.

Source: Pinterest: Pammi Prewitt

9. I Love My School Beary Much

Bulletin board of a cutout of a bear and words I love my school Beary much!

We can’t bear how cute this board is! Show some school spirit with your Valentine’s Day bulletin board this year. 

Source: Upper Elementary Snapshots

10. Be the Reason Someone Smiles

Board with words Be the reason someone smiles today!- Valentine's Day Bulletin Boards

Kindness is always in season! Add some red and pink accents and you have a perfect Valentine’s board.

Source: Pinterest: Karen Buffington

11. Kindness Lollipops

Bulletin board with cutouts of lollipops

Valentine’s Day is all about showing love and kindness to others, so why not make these adorable lollipops? Choose whatever sayings resonate with you and your students.

Source: Pinterest: Teresa Sheets

12. Ways To Say I Love You

Bulletin board with cutouts of hearts and words Ways to say I love you

Show your class all the ways the world says I love you! You can even tie in a lesson about international culture or global studies.

Source: Pinterest: Rachel Finkes

13. Heart Tree

Bulletin board with cutout of a tree with hearts on the branches- Valentine's Day Bulletin Boards

Instead of apples, create a blooming tree of hearts for Valentine’s Day! Each student can create their own heart to be displayed on this breathtaking board.

Source: Twitter: Dario B Vazquez

14. Love Letters

Bulletin board with cutouts of letters with hearts on them and words LOVE is in the air!- Valentine's Day Bulletin Boards

Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours! Have your class attach their own Valentine’s letters to this board for an interactive element. 

Source: Pinterest: Misty CH

15. Pizza My Heart

Bulletin board with cutout of pizza and words 2B stole a pizza my heart!

This pizza bulletin board looks so complicated but is actually very simple. Use a leftover pizza box and a picnic background to create the cutest Valentine’s Day board! 

Source: Pinterest: Rhyanna Krueger 

16. Valentine’s Letters

Board with cutouts of hearts and words Happy Valentines Day!

Looking for a simple, cute bulletin board for the holiday? Give this one a try! The colorful hearts are giving us all the Valentine’s feelings.

Source: Pinterest: Leonila Mangyao

17. All You Need Is Love

Board with cutout of balloons shaped like hearts and words All you need is love

What a beautiful board to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Easy to create and a gorgeous payoff.

Source: Pinterest: Heather Bolin

18. Love One Another

Bulletin board with words Love one another.

What the world needs now is love! Showcase a beautiful sentiment on your Valentine’s bulletin board this February.

Source: Pinterest: Katy Graves

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These 18 Valentine's Day bulletin board ideas will definitely help spread the love and Valentine's spirit in the classroom!