21 Winter Bulletin Boards To Celebrate the Season

These festive, inclusive bulletin boards will bring the cozy to your classroom.

Winter bulletin board ideas: Snow Place Like Our Class and Warm Up With a Good Book

Winter is here, and with it, all the fun of the season. If you’re like us and love to change up your bulletin boards with the seasons, you’ll love these winter bulletin boards and ideas to decorate your classroom. Also check out our winter door displays!

1. Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland

Shake up your classroom with this adorable snow globe bulletin board idea. Add in some colorful wintry trees and your winter wonderland is complete! 

Source: @prekwithmrslempe

2. Collaborative Winter Scene

Collaborative winter bulletin boards

Celebrate the season of coming together with this interactive board. Each student in your class can add their own element to this winter scene.

Source: @artwithmre

3. Believe in the Magic of Kindness and Cheer


Colorful winter trees -- winter bulletin boards

These magical winter trees can be put together by your students. We love the pretty pops of color.

Source: @oneclassatatime

4. We Are Smitten With Learning!

We are smitten with learning!- winter bulletin boards

Cozy mittens and a snowman make this board so spectacular for the winter season. Students can create their own mitten using watercolors and markers. 

Source: @abbysartroom

5. It’s “Snow” Secret We’re Brrr..illiant!

It's Snow Secret We're Brr...illiant

Snow and ice and everything nice! Your kids will love making and displaying these winter-themed poems and snowflakes. 

Source: @madeforfirstgrade

6. Winter Is Snow Fun!

Winter is Snow Fun- winter bulletin boards

Writing prompts are always a simple but fun way to display your students’ work. This one encourages kids to write about their favorite parts of winter. Snow much fun! 

Source: @thelastminuteteacher

7. Winter Wonderland

This winter art project displayed as a bulletin board is the perfect way to tie in some snowy fun to your classroom. Encourage your kids to get creative with this one.

Source: @perfectforprimary

8. It’s Cool To Be … Calm, a Conflict Resolver, a Caring Upstander

It's Cool To Be ... winter bulletin boards- winter bulletin boards

Tie in a good life lesson with some cute snowmen and snowflakes. It’s cool to be kind! 

Source: @wizardofschoolcounseling

9. We are like snowflakes. All different. All special.

We are like snowballs ... all different. all special

If you’re looking for inclusive winter bulletin boards, this is a great option. Use students’ poetry to display this cute snowflake board. Snowbody will feel left out with this inclusive winter bulletin board idea. 

Source: @student1st_teaching

10. There’s Snow Place Like Our Class!

There's snow place like our class!

Your kids will love to see their writing displayed with these cute hanging letters. We love all the bright pops of color!

Source: @threecheersfor3rdgrade

11. We Are Like Snowflakes, All Different in Our Own Way

We are all like snowflakes, all differeing in our own way- winter bulletin boards

Being different is good. Showcase this message in your classroom! Include pictures of your class as the snowflakes and you’ll have the perfect winter bulletin board.

Source: @applesandabcs

12. Do You Want To Build a Snowman?

Do you want to build a snowman?

Use leftover scraps of paper for this adorable snowman craft. These snowmen definitely won’t melt. 

Source: @lewcrewschool

13. Our Class Is “Snow” Cool

Our class is "snow" cool

How cute are these snowmen featuring names of students? Absolutely brrrr-illiant! 

Source: @specialedwithmissf

14. Don’t Have a Meltdown … Keep Your Cool

Don't have a meltdown ... keep your cool- winter bulletin boards

Great advice tied in with a cute wintry theme. How cool! Don’t flurry, be happy. 

Source: @futureschoolcounselor

15. Warm Up With a Good Book

Warm up with a good book

Hot cocoa and good books bring the coziest vibes. You can really get creative with this board!

Source: @createdecorateeducate

16. Chillin’ With My Snowmies

"Chilling with my snowmies"

Classmates turn into snowmies on this fun, sparkly board! 

Source: @scholarschoice

17. Waddling Through Winter

Bulletin board that says "waddling through winter"- winter bulletin boards

This board is sure to put some pen-grins on students’ faces! What an adorable and simple winter bulletin board idea. 

Source: Pinterest: Nicole Cannici 

18. A Fresh Batch of Smart Cookies

Bulletin board that says "A Fresh Batch of Smart Cookies"

Use tinfoil to replicate this smart-cookies bulletin board idea. How sweet!

Source: Library Centers

19. Happy Winter, Let’s Have Fun!

Bulletin board that says "Happy Winter, Let’s Have Fun!"- winter bulletin boards

Winter brings many fun outdoor activities. Showcase the joy of sledding, skiing, and playing in the snow with this bulletin board.

Source: Bulletin Board Pro

20. Gone Fishing

Bulletin board that says "Gone Fishing"

This board is perfect for a lesson on arctic animals. So cute and informative!

Source: Deanna Jump

21. Wishing You a Warm and Cozy Winter

Bulletin board that says "Wishing You a Warm and Cozy Winter"

This board gives us all the warm and fuzzy feelings. Use cotton balls to create some awesome-looking marshmallows! 

Source: Mrs. Johnson’s First Grade 

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Winter is here! It's time to dress up those winter bulletin boards and ring in the season of holidays. Find inspiration here!