How Teachers Are Bringing the Magic of Wordle Into Their Classrooms

Plus, a free printable so your students can play offscreen.

How Teachers Are Bringing the Magic of Wordle Into Their Classrooms

Have you caught the Wordle bug yet? The entire WeAreTeachers staff is playing the daily word game, and we can’t get enough. As there are obviously some great learning extensions with vocabulary, critical thinking, and phonics, we asked teachers to share how they’re using Wordle in the classroom. Here’s what they had to say.

Play a super-sized version on the whiteboard (bonus points for lamination)

Teacher Christina Nosek posted on Twitter that she’s been playing Worldle with her fifth graders on the whiteboard. “All you need is chart paper, a marker, a ruler, and a laminator,” she says. “What was really cool was all of the discussion this sparked around letter combinations, vowel combinations, and why some things work and some things don’t. We had such fabulous discussion about how words are made while we played.”

Don’t want to DIY? Check out our printable Wordle template

You can print it big or small depending on your needs. The rules of Wordle are simple. You choose a five-letter word of the day. Your students have six guesses to get the word. Cross out incorrect letters in their guesses, circle letters that are correct but not in the right spot yellow, and circle letters that are correct and in the right spot green.

Use Scrabble tiles to add a kinesthetic element

My own third grader has been playing Wordle and likes to have an offscreen place to do some thinking—either a notepad or an assortment of Scrabble tiles, which makes it easier for him to “see” his guesses and potential solutions.

Choose your own word of the day in a digital version


MyWordle.Me is a free site that lets you choose the word and share your customized game with others. Check out this great list of other Wordle variations your students can play, too.

Try an app version first thing in the morning

Many of the adult Wordle lovers we know play to start their days, and it’s a great bell ringer for students, too. “We play in homeroom every morning,” says Katharine P. “I’ve gotten several students to download an app that plays the same game called What Word?

Do you have other ideas for using Wordle in the classroom? Please share in the comments.

Get the Wordle Game!

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