3 Ways AI Can Help You Nail Your Next Job Interview

These are game changers!

Teacher preparing for interview using AI. -How to use AI to win a job

Congratulations! You have just scored an interview for your dream job. And why wouldn’t you? You’re amazing!

Next step? Get ready to shine.

In today’s job market, using AI can be a game changer for candidates. But how should you use AI for interviews?

Since we know you have a lot on your plate as a teacher, we’ve done the work for you. Here are the Internet’s best tips for using AI to win that interview and get your dream job.

Technique #1: This ChatGPT interview hack

This TikTok video by 28-year-old marketing manager Hanna Goefft (@hannagetshired) with over 2.4 million views reveals a ChatGPT interview hack that will set you up for success.

In the comments, so many people jumped in to say how they used this method to win a job. @BishyBear’s comment is a testament to the interview hack! Go on with your bad self, @BishyBear!


For time’s sake. Let’s keep things simple. Here are @hannagetshired’s viral TikTok tips listed in three simple steps.

  1. Copy and paste the entire job description into ChatGPT.
  2. Direct ChatGPT to “Generate interview questions for each bullet point. Analyze the job description for the top ten keywords.”
  3. Brainstorm answers to the interview questions. Make sure that your answers include the keywords.

Technique #2: Use InterviewBot for practice

I remember landing my first job interview long before ChatGPT was even a thought in Sam Altman’s genius brain. Somehow my tiny resume has attracted the attention of a principal. I knew one thing: I had to win that job.

I made my fiancé, now husband, give me practice questions and feedback. When I got tired of his feedback, I moved on to my best friend. When I got tired of her feedback, I moved on to my mom. And when I got tired of her feedback, I just started practicing in front of the bathroom mirror by myself. 

Nowadays, none of this is necessary. Why? Robots. 

My favorite is InterviewBot. It’s painless to download and get started. It took me about four minutes from downloading and registering the app to being in an interview with my preferred robot, Isabella, who is described as “caring and empathetic.” 

She asked me a series of questions. I responded. Then I was able to go back and watch the video of each response. You can upgrade to a paid plan to receive coaching on your responses, but I didn’t. 

If I were interviewing for a job, this would 100% be part of the prep game.

Technique #3: AIApply “kind of feels like cheating”

AIApply is more than just a viral interview hack, it’s a tool that helps job candidates more easily access the skills and experiences that are in their resume at the right moment. It’s a great tool for those candidates who have all of the skills but freeze up when it comes time for the interview. 

On TikTok, @aidancramer aka AIdan (so clever!) revealed just how AIApply works. It really does feel like magic or cheating … or somewhere in between those two.

As you can see in the video, AIApply picks up the question as it is asked, then it uses the job description and your resume (both of which will already be downloaded) to deliver a live answer in the moment!

Clearly this doesn’t work for in-person interviews. Seriously, don’t try it. 

In another of his viral TikTok videos, @aidancramer shows how his roommate uses AIApply during a virtual interview.

Most of the comments were supportive, like this one:


So here is the scoop: Whether we like it or not, AI is here to stay. It has taken the job market by storm and is being used by both candidates and recruiters. In some cases, AI is even taking the place of the recruiter by conducting initial screenings and interviews. You can dip your toes in by having AI assess the job description to generate interview questions, or you can take a dive into real-time interview help. Whatever you choose, we know they are going to love you! Go get ’em!

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Wondering how to use AI for interviews? We have three techniques that'll help you put your best foot forward (and minimize interview nerves!).