26 Tweets from Quarantined Parents that Prove How Underpaid Teachers Are

Whoever said teachers had it easy?

Tweets Quarantined Parents

If parents didn’t realize just how underpaid teachers were before social distancing, they should by now. Over the last few weeks, parents have been sharing their homeschooling woes on social media! We rounded 25+ tweets from quarantined parents who are realizing what a teacher’s life can be like. Check out—and sympathize with—this list below!

1. I think a few of us teachers might agree.

We’ll settle for the $1B annual salary.

2. It is obviously your fault, Cara. 😉



How dare our love and care get in the way of their social lives.

3. Not even award-winning teacher parents have it easy.

It’s funny how that works.

4. Kids will keep you on your toes. 

They learn so fast.

5. Glad we’re not alone.

A tale as old as time: Kids thinking their teachers are annoying.

6. Has anyone else gotten a parent email like this recently?!

Let’s start with Lysol wipes.

7. Let us know how that request goes. 😂

Who would be the school admin to talk to in this case?

8. “Isn’t Kindergarten just arts and crafts?”

That is NOT how finger-painting is supposed to go.

9. At least we get to see our kids’ creativity in action.

We would not have known what to expect.

10. This and “There’s nothing to eat.”

Please show your work with your answers.

11. Did we mention the creativity?

This is certainly a different way to do math.

12. Only one? Not bad!

At least they’re cleaning.

13. This happens about once per recess.


Is there any family who hasn’t had a scene like this recently?

14. Another reminder to teach your kids hygiene.

Hygiene is certainly never cancelled.

15. This brings back nightmares I had from “Baby Shark.”


Kids find the darnedest Internet trends.

16. It works both ways?

The bigger question is: Did they abide by the rule?

17. Sometimes we think the same thing.

To be fair, even teachers have snack drawers.

18. NOW do you believe that they can be disruptive in class at times?  😂

We’ve been telling you!

19. Deep breaths, y’all.


We love them, but …

20. Who doesn’t love being corrected by their kids? 

Like we said earlier, they keep you on your toes.

21. Lesson planning is harder than you may think.

Now try doing this for an entire school year. 😉

22. Well.

Yeah, we still don’t have words for this one.

23. But hey, they’re helpful sometimes!

How many times has this happened to you already?

24. Not sure if this counts as “play-based learning.”

It does look like a fun time though.

25. At the end of the day, this is a big part of both parenting and teaching.

Sometimes all you need is a little love and some fish sticks.

26. We appreciate you too, non-teacher parents.


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26 Tweets from Quarantined Parents that Prove How Underpaid Teachers Are