This Cross-Curricular Travel Bucket List is the Escape We all Need Right Now

Use it as a writing prompt in any class.

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Travel Bucket List and Writing Prompt

This year, we’ve been dreaming about travel more than ever before. And while travel is tough right now, our bucket list of destinations is bursting at the seams. To keep everything organized, we created this printable list with our friends at EF Tours. Having everything in one place will make it easier to pick that first trip once you’re ready to travel again. Use this two-page printable to inspire your students to think outside of their classroom walls, no matter which subject you teach.

On the first page, students list their top 10 dream destinations. We left the world map blank so kids can color in their selected countries.

On page two, the sky is the limit! Students can use these writing prompts as an ice breaker activity or writing prompt in any class. Try one of these:

Create a literary travel bucket list

Perfect for English class! Have students write about three destinations they’ve only read about in books. Maybe they want to visit Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam or King’s Cross Station in Central London.

Focus on Foreign language

Can your kids write about three destinations where Spanish is the native language? How about French? Use the bucket list as a way for students to dive into the history of these locations.

Tie it back to math

Challenge your kids to calculate how far the destinations are from where they live now. Or, have them calculate how much it would cost to travel there. Make sure they include transportation and accommodation costs, as well as costs for smaller items like food and tips.

Become a history buff

Ask students to write about places where famous historical figures made an impact. Maybe they’ll focus on Shakespeare and research the medieval market town of Stratford-upon-Avon. Or dive into the history of Julius Caesar and Rome.

Now’s the perfect time to dream a little bit, and escape the walls of our classroom and homes. Simply click the button below to get your travel bucket list.


Print the Travel Bucket List