12 Hilarious Memes That Prove Teachers’ Love for Ticonderoga Pencils

There’s simply no replacement for a Ticonderoga pencil.

I think we can all agree Ticonderogas are the best pencils ever. They last the longest, don’t break often, and sharpen like a dream. Looking for a great teacher gift? Ticonderogas. Need a reliable pencil for your supply list? Ticonderogas. The best No. 2 pencil for testing? Ticonderogas. This list of Ticonderoga pencil memes proves just that.

Plus, did you know Ticonderoga pencils go way beyond the trusted, traditional yellow No. 2 pencil?

  • The My First® Pencils are larger and round or triangular-shaped to help young learners in the early stages of writing.

  • Or turn it up a notch with neon or holographic Ticonderogas to add some flair!

Check out our favorite Ticonderoga pencil memes that prove teachers’ true love.

1. Don’t waste ’em!

Small pencil meme

Good ’til the last drop.

2. When your students get it, too.

Ticonderoga Valentine tweet

The best valentine in my opinion.

Source: @JES_Dickinson

3. A poem to our dear Ticonderogas.


Ticonderoga Poem

A trusted friend indeed.

4. This is simply unacceptable.

When a Ticonderoga breaks meme

Take any other pencil instead.

5. Eat them?

fourth grader Ticonderoga pencil tweet

Ah, the black hole … where I lose all of my Ticonderogas.

Source: @suevey72

6. Gold.

treat Ticonderogas like Pokemon cards Ticonderoga pencil meme

Treat them like gold, I tell you.

7. I wish this were true of me.

Ticonderoga eraser meme

It sure feels like that.

Source: Quick Meme

8. The Ticonderoga jokes are necessary.

Dull Ticonderoga pencil meme and joke

Honestly, same.

9. A giant Ticonderoga?!

giant Ticonderoga Instagram post

That’s the way to do it.

Source: @craftymsmendoza

10. They’re honestly perfect.

Ticonderoga pencils with the perfect pink eraser

If it isn’t Ticonderoga, I don’t want it.

11. It’s tried and true.

borrowed Ticonderoga pencil meme

Good luck, I guess!

Source: Quick Meme

12. It’s safe to say they last.

Small Ticonderoga Pencil

Look how teeny-tiny!

Source: @nildapalomo

It's no secret Ticonderogas are a go-to. This list of Ticonderoga pencil memes proves teachers' commitment to them!